Resident Evil and Silent Hill creators catch up for a chat in new Bokeh Game Studio video

Resident Evil and Silent Hill creators catch up for a chat in new Bokeh Game Studio video
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Slitterhead developer Bokeh Game Studio has released a video chat between the creators of Silent Hill and Resident Evil.

Shinji Mikami has visited the Tokyo developer, who are currently working on their first game. While there, he sat down for a chat with Keiichiro Toyama which Bokeh captured on film. They spend forty minutes catching up, talking about their history in creating two of gaming’s iconic horror franchises.

It’s genuinely quite the treat watching them swap stories on their parallel histories & games that made each developer’s names. The pair also spend some time talking about their shared experiences in moving from a creator to producer roles. Mikami of course left Capcom and would eventually become the founder and CEO at Ghostwire Tokyo and The Evil Within developer Tango Gameworks. Toyama meanwhile enjoyed stints at Konami and Sony before forming Bokeh Game Studio in 2020.

The video is the first in what Bokeh is calling their Golden Hour series. The studio says subsequent episodes will see them sit down with other “known creators from the game industry and beyond”. If bringing together the Silent Hill and Resident Evil creators is the type of thing we can expect, it’s already off to a cracking start.

In the meantime, the studio is also beavering away behind the scenes on its own horror title, Slitterhead. We got a few other bits of information on that game via a couple of Q&A videos a few weeks ago.