Ben Borthwick by on Dec 3, 2020

Silent Hill creator teams up with The Last Guardian & Gravity Rush veterans to form Bokeh Game Studio

Creator of the Silent Hill series Keiichiro Toyama has announced the formation of a new game studio known as Bokeh Game Studio alongside fellow industry veterans Kazunobu Sato and Junya Okura.

The three have plenty of high-profile games under their belt, with Sato being a former producer for 2016’s The Last Guardian and Okura being the Lead Game Designer on all three Gravity Rush games. All three of them have also previously worked together on PS2 survival horror series Siren (known as Forbidden Siren in the UK) as a Director, Lead Character Design and Lead Game Designer, respectively.

The three men departed Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and established the new studio back in August, and an announcement video today outlines the vision for the new independent team, with a brief glimpse of what they’ve been working on. Though few specifics have yet been given, it certainly looks like they’re playing around with some potential monster designs, so it at least appears there’s a good chance might be sticking around in the suvival horror genre.

A further interview with Famitsu (helpfully spotted and translated by Gematsu) revleas that the team’s first title will be an “original action adventure game” for release on various platforms, though development is expected to take two-to-three years, so don’t expect to hear too much on the game for a little while yet.

For now, feel free to check out the video of Toyama, Sato and Okura talking about Bokeh Game Studio’s formation for yourself below.



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