Silent Hill 2 players have uncovered a hidden mini-map feature 17 years after release

Silent Hill 2 players have uncovered a hidden mini-map feature 17 years after release
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Silent Hill 2 is 17-years-old in 2018, but that hasn’t stopped players from unearthing a bunch of new features that were hidden away in the PlayStation 2 version of the classic psychological horror sequel.

Both a mini-map and save anywhere function have been found by Twitter user punk7890, and both are unlocked by completing the s**t-your-pants simulator with the humorous Dog Ending. We won’t spoil that one for you though, just in case.

While there have been multiple versions of Silent Hill 2, including a Director’s Cut and Xbox version, these hidden gems are only found in the original PS2 edition of the game, released back in 2001.

Hardcore fans have known about the mini-map for a few years now, although back then it was only accessed by fiddling with the game’s code using a memory editor.

Silent Hill 2 is highly regarded as one of the greatest horror games ever made, and in my humble opinion, beats the snot out of Resident Evil and Dead Space in terms of authentic, trouser brownie-baking moments.

While the gameplay may be a bit archaic by today’s standards (I feel obliged to say that as I’m an old git who loves retro games and therefore am biased; I actually think it’s just fine), the game features an intricate, emotionally-charged storyline and one of the most iconic gaming baddies of all time, Pyramid Head.

If you haven’t played Silent Hill 2 yet, head to eBay and pick up a cheap PS2 copy; don’t bother with the HD Collection, as it was a bit of a shambles.