Resident Evil Village Gold Edition showcases Mercenaries additions in latest trailer

Resident Evil Village Gold Edition showcases Mercenaries additions in latest trailer
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Capcom has dropped a new trailer showcasing the new characters coming to Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil Village Gold Edition.

The Additional Orders expansion is one of three parts of the game’s upcoming Winter’s Expansion DLC. Once installed, you’ll have three new characters to take on the game’s arcade-like Mercenaries mode with. Each has their own quirks and abilities that give their own twist on proceedings, which you can see in the video below.

First up is series mainstay Chris Redfield, who’ll have access to the Target Locator from the main game. Using this to point the laser at the target will call down an air strike from above, obliterating large groups. The boulder-puncher will also have, naturally, a devastating punch move that can fill his unique Onslaught bar. Once this is full, he gets increased speed and attack power.

Next up, Karl Heisenberg has brought along his giant hammer. Players can charge the weapon with electricity, and then bring it down upon the werewolf hordes with a devastating slam attack. If that wasn’t enough, he can also call on the mechanically enhanced Soldat Jet to help fight for him. Finally, his Magnetic Field ability allows him to pull enemies together to make them an easier target.

Finally, Alcina Dimitrescu herself has her towering 9 foot tall frame to her advantage, but also a couple of extra quirks for players to master. First off, she’ll have a Thrill meter, which will increase her attack power and other stats depending on how full it is. If it gets full enough, she’ll be able to summon her daughters who’ll jump into battle for her.

You can check out all three in the trailer below. Resident Evil Village Gold Edition and the Winter’s Expansion DLC both arrive on October 28.