Palworld players celebrate the arrival of Coal and Sulfur sites with the Sakurajima update

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Palworld and its community are gearing up for the impending arrival of Pocketpair’s upcoming Sakurajima update. Like any massive patch, this update is set to bring tons of new content to the gun-filled Pokémon-like RPG, including new Pals, raids, hard-mode bosses, and more. But out of all the upcoming features, it seems two have quickly become the most popular due to their potential usefulness: Coal and Sulfur sites.

Because coal and sulfur mining locations are scarce in the game, gathering the resources they contain is often more trouble than they’re worth. Of course, since you need to use them (especially coal) to make weapons and buildings, you have no choice but to head out of your base and waste several hours searching for these hard-to-find spots. And even with the best mining Pals in Palworld, you’ll still be wasting precious time looking for these mining areas once one runs out.

Luckily, the steady approach of Coal and Sulfur sites should make base-building and crafting much easier and more efficient. Over on Reddit, several players under u/thelolz93‘s post are already celebrating its upcoming addition. Some, like u/Ericridge, are happy they won’t have to constantly travel to and from their base “just to make ammo.” However, others, such as u/AutoRedux, are wary of the new feature since “coal and sulfur are the only reasons [they] go outside the base.”

No matter your stance on coal and sulfur mines, you’ll have to wait until the Palworld Sakurajima update to try it all out. Until then, why not check out our pages on the best Palworld base designs and the best Palworld accessories? This way, you can prepare before all the new content drops. Alternatively, you can take a look at the best Palworld grass Pals so you know which ones you need to get for your team.

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