Here’s what’s actually in the Palworld’s ‘major’ summer update

Here’s what’s actually in the Palworld’s ‘major’ summer update
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Palworld fans were over the moon upon hearing that a PVP mode was coming to the game. Sadly, hopes were soon dashed after Pocketpair confirmed the mode’s release window wasn’t summer – correcting this to just be ‘2024’ following an initial Tweet. However, all hopes are not lost – there is still plenty of new content scheduled for summer, despite the fact we’ll all need to wait a little longer for PVP.

So, what’s included in this ‘major’ update? As per the official Palworld handle, gamers can expect the following to arrive in the summer:

  • new buildings
  • new species of Pals
  • new weapons
Palword Twitter confirms summer update is on the way
Two characters engaged in a vibrant virtual battle in an arena setting, with colorful energy effects illustrating the combat action. Here’s what’s actually in the Palworld summer update.

Pocketpair also confirmed more features are on the way, but we don’t know what they are yet. The changes are coming at a good time, as following Palworld’s incredible release, which saw Pocketpair’s ‘Pokemon with guns’ smash through Steam records, the player base has begun to slow down. At its peak, more than 2,000,000 gamers were playing the game, compared to around 61,000 now, as per Steam data. The game also slipped out of the Top 10 on Steam recently, with many jumping ship to another massively popular game, Helldivers 2.

Either way, despite the fact PVP isn’t coming in the summer, we expect this to land sooner rather than later. The community has long wanted a mode to rival Pokemon’s long-established PVP playerbase, and with the ability to train and improve your Pals, it’s set to bring new life into the game. Pocketpair must act fast, though, before player numbers dwindle further.