Palworld fan finds removed female leader character that should come back

Palworld fan finds removed female leader character that should come back
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Palworld is an early access phenomenon that is the biggest game of the year so far. It changed quite a bit during development switching from Unity to the Unreal Engine, and the fact it’s in early access means the game isn’t yet fully complete. Looking back at one of its earliest trailers, a Palworld fan has found a removed female leader character that will hopefully come back leading up to the release of 1.0.

We haven’t received a new update from developer Pocketpair for a while, but the future of the game is very bright. The developers are planning to crackdown on cheaters in future patches, and the game’s community manager has reassured fans that more content is on the way while delivering the best response possible to the evident player drop on Xbox and Steam.

While the immediate future of the game is patches that target cheaters and aim to remove bugs and performance issues, the roadmap also outlines new content arriving sometime this year. The official new content coming one day includes more pals, bosses, and islands, and fans would also like to see this missing female leader return.

Missing Palworld female leader character

Reddit user unhappy_panic_1875 shared a slideshow of 20 things removed from Palworld. While not all of the features included in the Reddit post have actually been removed or were gameplay footage at all, some of the inclusions are missing from the current game’s open world. And one of these aspects includes a missing female leader character.

The first Palworld announcement trailer offers a different look at the game as the title was originally developed using Unity compared to the final product that uses Unreal Engine. In this trailer, there is the inclusion of a female leader/trainer for the pal Jormuntide. To say she had a memorable look would be an understatement as her reappearance has given fans googly eyes.

Palworld missing trainer reddit post
Image credit: Pocketpair via Unhappy_panic_1875 on Reddit

There are five leaders/trainers in the game with the following associated pals:

  • Zoe Rayne – Grizzbolt
  • Lily Everhart – Lyleen
  • Axel Travers – Oserk
  • Marcus Dryden – Faleris
  • Victor Ashford – Shadowbreak

It’s possible the missing leader/trainer for Jormuntide could be added in the game at a later date seeing as the title is in early access only, but it’s also perhaps more likely she was removed entirely as just an early concept. Either way, she did have a striking appearance that is arguably better than the leaders actually included.

Aside from Jormuntide’s human, the biggest missing feature from the announcement trailer that fans are sad about the most is giving Direhowls belly rubs. Many fans agree that ‘this is the biggest loss of all‘ and that ‘All of the pals deserve belly rubs‘.

For more Palworld news, Pocketpair’s CEO has praised uber-realistic animation you may not have noticed, meanwhile, there are predictions saying ‘there’s little doubt’ Microsoft will try to buy Palworld and Pocketpair.