Palworld CEO praises amazing animation you may not have noticed

Palworld CEO praises amazing animation you may not have noticed
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Aside from being the biggest and most successful game of the year so far, another great feat for Palworld is the relationship between developer Pocketpair and fans. The developer has been great at responding to fans, and the Pocketpair CEO has responded to a Palworld fan’s tweet praising some uber-realistic animation you may not have noticed.

The community for Palworld has been amazing since day one of the early access launch. They have shared ultimate farming secrets the game doesn’t tell you about, and they have also shared the best base location nobody is using. And, before the next inevitable update of fixes comes out, fans have also shared a trick to complete dungeons in less than a minute.

Not only have the fans been excellent at sharing tips, tricks, and helpful hints, but they have also been very vocal on Twitter in sharing clips. The Pocketpair CEO has responded to select tweets from fans, and this has resulted in universal praise for a small but amazing gameplay animation you may not have fully appreciated.

Palworld CEO praises handgun animation

Twitter user protoMST shared a Palworld clip praising the game’s handgun animation. A translation of their tweet explains the realism of the animation saying ‘When you shoot it, it blows back, it ejects the cartridge, you can see the rim and primer on the cartridge, and when you reload, you have to lower the slide stop with your left hand’.

In response to the tweet and accompanying clip, Pocketpair CEO, Takuro Mizobe, said ‘No one had instructed or reviewed this, so I asked the person himself, and it seems that he had implemented it on his own’. The tweet further suggests the unnamed single developer ‘implemented all the reload motions himself’.

The Pocketpair CEO also responded to another clip. Although the individual developer isn’t named, Takuro Mizobe’s response says ‘The reloading motion of this musket is just too good’ and ‘I’m really grateful to have met him’.

Palworld CEO handgun tweet
Image credit: @urokuta_ja on Twitter
Palworld CEO gun tweet 2
Image credit: @urokuta_ja on Twitter

This is a fantastic set of responses from the Pocketpair CEO. It’s good to see the company interacting with and responding to fans, but it’s also wholesome to see the CEO publicly praise the work of individual developers at the studio. Again, it’s something that you may not have noticed, but now it’s impossible not to appreciate.

For more Palworld news, fans needn’t worry about the player drop on Steam and Xbox yet, and the Pocketpair community manager has given the best response to the evident player drop-off. In more interactions between players and developers, Pocketpair has reassured fans worried about the game dying due to extreme server costs.

Palworld is available on Steam, Xbox, and Game Pass. Pocketpair has warned about downloading anything claiming to be related to the game on iOS and Android.