Overwatch 2 Season 2 Battle Pass: New Hero, Map and More

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The release of Overwatch 2’s second season is just around the corner, and as part of the new structure of Overwatch 2 we also know we can expect another Battle Pass to drop alongside Season 2. 

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This is only the second time we have received a Battle Pass in Overwatch 2 with the first Battle Pass consisting of 80 different levels, including: a new hero, skins, weapon charms, emotes, voice lines and more. We are expecting much of the same from Season 2, here is everything we know so far: 

Overwatch 2 Season 2 Battle Pass New Hero: Ramattra 

Overwatch 2 Ramattra
Ramattra: New Tank Hero in Overwatch 2

The best thing about a new Battle Pass is the introduction of a new Hero, this time around we are receiving a new Tank named Ramattra, whereas in Season 1 the new Hero was the Support Hero: Kiriko. Ramattra is a war machine fighting for the Omnics in an attempt to try and deliver them a better future, he is the leader of the Null Sector. 

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In terms of how he plays we will have to wait and see, but according to the Overwatch 2 website he can change form, completely altering his abilities. What we could be in for here is a very exciting new hero that could pose all kinds of new problems for players.

In order to unlock Ramattra you will need to reach Tier 45 of the Battle Pass if you’re not paying for it, or he will be unlocked at Tier 1 of the paid version. Last season it was Tier 55, however the developers have decided to make it easier and more accessible to achieve. They have also made some of the weekly challenges easier to complete for Season 2.

The new map is set to be The Shambali Monastery, where both Ramattra and Zenyetta used to call home. The new map will be another Escort map coming to the popular shooter. 

Overwatch 2 Season 2 Battle Pass Theme

Other than the regular fixes and Hero balancing, the only other major thing of note regarding Season 2 is that this season will be based around Greek Mythology. This Season’s Mythic Skin will be a Zeus skin for Junker Queen that you will earn once you reach level 80 in the Battle Pass.

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The Mythic Skin will include:  new customizations, weapon models, voice lines, and special effects. There will also be a Poseidon skin for Ramattra, as well as a Hades skin for Pharah too.

Is the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Worth it?

It is difficult to quantify if this is worth it for you, the value isn’t terrible at $10/1,000 Overwatch Coins but the biggest draw is the new Hero, which is free if you’re willing to work for it.

It may be best to wait for it to release, take a look at the new skins and judge from there. It is the same price as pretty much all Battle Passes you can find.

Overwatch 2 Battle Pass 2 FAQs

When Does the Second Battle Pass in Overwatch 2 Come out?

The Season 2 Battle Pass will release at the same time as the season itself on the 6th of December 2022. This is the case for all platforms Overwatch 2 is available on.

How Many Tiers in Overwatch 2’s Battle Pass?

The Overwatch 2 Battle Pass consists of 80 tiers in total, with a. wide variety of new rewards. These range from skins, to a new hero and more.

How Much Does the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass cost?

You can buy the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass with 1,000 Overwatch Coins. You can buy these coins in-game, a 1,000 Overwatch Coins will cost $10.

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