Overwatch 2 Best Supports

Overwatch 2 Best Supports
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If healing and buffing allies sounds like your calling, you’re likely wondering who are the best supports in Overwatch 2.

With the game well and truly out – barring a couple of DDOS attacks and hulking queues – and and the launch of Overwatch 2 in the rear view mirror, we’ve had time to trial and test each support to gauge where they fit into the current hierarchy.

The pivot to 5vs5 and the off-tank’s disappearance refocuses the support’s role in Overwatch 2, making them arguably more vulnerable. Self-sufficiency is, therefore, more important than ever and typically what separates the best Overwatch 2 supports from the duds, whether mobility, healing, or even damage output.

Below, you’ll find what we consider to be the most viable and best Overwatch 2 support heroes right now. With the Overwatch 2 meta still very much in a fluid state, we could see a major reordering in the weeks ahead, in which case we’ll update our picks.

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Lucio – Best Overwatch 2 Supports

Overwatch 2 Best Supports Lucio
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Lucio emerges from the big Overwatch 2 hero rework more or less unscathed, easing him into the self-sufficient support role the game now demands without a hitch. He retains one of the best kits in the game. Lucio is as versatile as ever, thanks to the mobility granted by his speed and wall riding, allowing him to extract himself from the stickiest situations.

When he’s not darting around the map, Lucio swaps his Cross Fade ability to deliver efficient healing to teammates and then just as easily switches again to pull teammates to safety with a well-timed speed buff. His Sound Barrier ultimate is as impactful as ever at nullifying incoming damage (and enemy ultimates) and offering peeling support to teammates.

Beyond this already-enviable set of attributes, Lucio dishes out respectable damage and, in the hands of a skilled player, can duke it out 1-on-1 with quite a few DPS heroes. While not traditionally durable, his survivability, thanks to his healing abilities and passive, make him a tedious hero to play against in most situations. He’s currently one of the best Overwatch 2 supports, if not the best.

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Zenyatta – Best Overwatch 2 Supports

Overwatch 2 Best Supports Zenyatta
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With Overwatch 2, Zenyatta retains his role as a damage-dealing support. If anything, he’s even more lethal thanks to the new Snap Kick passive, which grants melee attacks a 50% damage boost and nudges up the knockback effect. Few other Overwatch 2 supports close the gap to DPS heroes as efficiently as Zenyatta, making him a solid pick for aggressive support players.

His Orb of Discord and Orb of Harmony abilities are highlights here. Whether you’re debuffing enemies to take more damage or healing allies, you’re always contributing to the team effort in some way. His Transcendence ult not only makes Zenyatta invulnerable but dishes out massive healing to nearby teammates, perfect for dives, pushes, and even peel maneuvers.

Where Zenyatta tails off is plentiful mobility (other than his ult). Still, his damage output, especially his charged Orb of Destruction, and self-healing passive, should put off most heroes from taking him on alone.

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Overwatch 2 Best Supports Moira
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Moira is another character that blurs the line between support and DPS. Vacuum up enemy health, engage Fade for a swift exit when things get dicey, dish out healing at a ludicrous rate, and secure the win.

It’s a steady loop that defines playing Moira that’s as effective as ever in Overwatch 2 and makes her one of the best healers and a centerpiece of a solid team composition. She’s also easy on the player, especially beginners, who’ll quickly get a measure of how to use Moira and make an impact in matches.

The real appeal of Moira is her capacity to survive virtually any situation while keeping teammates’ health topped up, Biotic Orb dancing between damage and healing effortlessly. If kept alive in a fight (and she can certainly do just that thanks to her self-healing passive and abilities), she’s the difference between coming out on top and has more than a passing chance of downing a DPS 1vs1 such is her survivability.

Honorable Mentions


A combat medic and a brand new hero for Overwatch 2’s launch, Kiriko is still unproven as a viable meta pick. She certainly has potential, though, thanks to her offensive and defensive capabilities, including her Protection Suzu ability, which makes allies invulnerable for a short time. Expect to see her rise up the ranks of the best support heroes in the months ahead.


Much has changed with her movement in particular since the original Overwatch, but Mercy still plays largely the same overall. The goal of playing Mercy is to use her mobility to quickly move across the battlefield, healing and boosting allies’ damage and avoiding taking damage herself using her flight and self-healing abilities. While she primarily heals single targets, she can use her ultimate to chain her heals to her entire team, which can single-handedly win team fights when used properly.


Ana is best used as a long-range team support and plays similar to any other sniper in Overwatch 2. Due to her fire rate, she can heal single targets faster than any other support, and her Biotic Grenade both heals allies and damages enemies. She’s somewhat of a sitting duck, which makes her tougher to master than more approachable supports like Lucio and Moira.


Orisa may play completely differently than how she was played in Overwatch 2, but that’s a good thing. Previously, she was very passive and would hang back and shield her team with her barriers. But now, players will want to rush in and do as much damage as they can at close range with her weapon and javelins. With her Fortify ability, she is capable of withstanding heavy punishment, and using Javelin Spin can help this further by reflecting projectiles. 

That wraps up our guide to the best supports in Overwatch 2. Though we recommend these characters, Overwatch 2 is still finding its footing. As things are very much in flux, we anticipate the meta to morph rapidly up as Season 1 progresses. Expect major changes ahead.

Overwatch 2 Best Supports FAQ

Which Are the Best Supports in Overwatch 2?

  • Lucio
  • Zenyatta
  • Moira
  • Kiriko
  • Mercy
  • Ana
  • Orisa

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