New Valorant map will be revealed soon and here’s everything we know so far

New Valorant map will be revealed soon and here’s everything we know so far
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We are currently in the final act of Valorant Episode 8. This has been a very good chapter for the game with the most memorable addition being the reveal of new playable character, Clove. While new agents is always appreciated, so too are fresh maps. We know that a new Valorant map will officially be revealed soon, and here you will find everything known about the upcoming battlefield so far.

Riot Games has recently shared the patch notes for update 8.09. This has delivered agent buffs along with some bug fixes. In addition, Riot Games has rubbished dangerous conspiracy theories about their Vanguard anti-cheat software, and leaks have revealed the codename of a new agent in-development presumably for Episode 9.

We are really look forward to the beginning of Episode 9, but, before Riot Games’ next chapter starts, we will be treated to the reveal of a brand new Valorant map.

New Valorant map leaks and when it will be revealed

A brand new Valorant map will be revealed at the VCT Masters Shanghai competition. This was confirmed by Riot Games in their launch trailer for Episode 8 Act 3.

At the end of this trailer, there is a graphic displayed saying ‘New map reveal at Valorant Masters Shanghai’. This is an eSports competition scheduled to start on May 23rd. There is no specific date for the reveal provided by Riot Games, but it will presumably happen at the finals on June 9th.

Valorant Episode 8 Act 3 map reveal
Image credit: Embark Studios

So far all we officially know is that Riot Games will pull the curtain aside on the fresh playground at this year’s VCT Masters Shanghai tournament. Fortunately, leaks have provided more details currently kept discreet by Riot.

Per ValorantUpdated on Twitter, the map is supposedly called Bastion. It was discovered by Reddit user Impossible_Ad1362 who claims they found the map by using a web crawling bot. In addition to being called Bastion, it is speculated that the map will be home to Team Deathmatch.

Lastly, the Reddit user was able to obtain an image of the new leaked map. You can find the image below in an embedded tweet from ValorantUpdated:

As you can see in the image of Bastion, there is a big hole. This could possibly relate to this teaser image that was shared by ValorantLeaksEN back in March:

Sadly, this is all we know about the new map as of writing. If it is revealed on June 9th, it will presumably join the game in the following update similar to how Clove was revealed at VCT Marid Masters on March 24th before releasing on March 26th/27th.

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