Valorant anti-cheat devs respond to dangerous Vanguard conspiracy theories

Valorant anti-cheat devs respond to dangerous Vanguard conspiracy theories
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Valorant is an incredibly popular multiplayer game with a very competitive gaming scene. As with most multiplayer games, it utilizes anti-cheat software, and this anti-cheat software is Riot Games’ own Vanguard. Lately, there’s been some dangerous misinformation spread about the anti-cheat software, and, thankfully, Valorant anti-cheat developers have responded to the Vanguard conspiracy theories.

There is a lot for Valorant fans to anticipate. Episode 8 Act 3 has begun, and you can check out the full update 8.08 patch notes to see all of the Agent nerfs and buffs along with changes to Premier mode. In addition, Riot Games has shared the Episode 8 Act 3 Premier map pool starting from May 8th, and we are also set to get a brand new map revealed at the VCT Masters Shanghai tournament.

While all of the above is exciting, some players are worried about whether the multiplayer shooter is actually safe. Misinformation has been spread about the Vanguard anti-cheat used for the game, and, fortunately, it has been debunked by anti-cheat personnel at Riot Games.

Valorant devs debunk Vanguard misinformation

User w_stead posted on Twitter that ‘Valorant now takes screenshots of your PC’. The accusation states that ‘They are actually able to screenshot Discord chats and fullscreen any window without you knowing and uploading it to their servers’.

This accusation is accompanied by a screenshot used in an attempt at providing evidence. In addition to this tweet from w_stead, there was the same accusation spread on Twitter by user KaiiExe. This user posted a similar screenshot with the accusation that ‘Not only does vanguard send screenshots of your computer daily, they also monitor your clipboard and ur recycling bin’.

Riot Games’ head of anti-cheat, deteccphilippe, responded to KaiiExe’s accusation by saying, ‘Nope. Vanguard doesn’t monitor your clipboard or your recycling bin. We only take screenshots of the game window when you’re in game, just like every other anti-cheat’.

In addition, senior anti-cheat analyst at Riot Games, ItGamerDoc, posted on Twitter, ‘It’s funny how cheaters are launching a large scale attack, farming impressions, and spreading misinformation, trying their best to get Vanguard removed. It’s not going anywhere. We will protect the player experience and help everyone who has an incompatibility issue’.

If you need more information and assurances about the anti-cheat software, check out Riot Game’s support page explaining what is Vanguard. About privacy specifically, the webpage says ‘Riot Vanguard was made with Riot Games’ dedication to data privacy specifically in mind, and we worked with our legal and compliance teams to ensure it adheres to regional data privacy laws. Specifics on what data we use and collect are available here‘.

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