Broken MW3 Groot skin has been disabled in a recent update following player complaints

Broken MW3 Groot skin has been disabled in a recent update following player complaints
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The time has come for the notorious MW3 Groot skin to be temporarily vaulted, as Sledgehammer Games and Activision have announced that they are removing the cosmetic immediately as part of today’s update. You will no longer be able to equip this skin no matter how much you want to, though it isn’t all bad news because you will eventually be able to use it again in the future. However, it’s currently unclear when the developers will re-enable it since Sledgehammer Games will only do so once the proper visibility changes have been made.

ORIGINAL STORY FOLLOWS: If the hard-to-see MW3 Groot skin has victimized you in a match, you’re not alone, as many within the game’s community have also often complained about its presence in lobbies ever since it was first introduced in MW2 Season 6. Fortunately, Sledgehammer Games has been incredibly receptive to player complaints and suggestions, which is why the development team has revealed that they’ll be removing it from the game in a future update to fix it.

A few weeks ahead of the MW3 Season 1 start date, the game’s developer stated in an impromptu Reddit AMA session that they would disable the Gaia and Gaia Blackcell Operator skins in an upcoming patch “until changes can be released to all players.” Though the team has yet to specify what changes they’ll be making, it’s safe to assume that Sledgehammer Games will focus on improving visibility for this specific cosmetic since most complaints have been centered on this particular aspect.

Naturally, player reactions toward this announcement have mainly been positive since this means that Groot/Gaia’s reign of terror in MW3 lobbies will soon come to an end. In fact, many of the comments below CharlieIntel’s post announcing the developer’s intention are already celebrating its impending removal. However, it is still worth noting that Sledgehammer Games has yet to reveal when the update removing this skin from the game will be released, so you’ll have to remain patient for now until they provide more details.

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