How to find and use all MW3 zombies Wall Buy locations

How to find and use all MW3 zombies Wall Buy locations
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While playing MWZ, you’re going to need the Wall Buy weapon locations in MW3. These are a classic Zombies feature that has made a comeback this time around. While they are more expensive than Mystery Box weapons, they do provide the certainty of getting the weapon you want and an endless supply of ammo for purchase. Here’s where to find them.

Wall Buy weapon locations in MW3 zombies 

You can find these Wall Buy locations by zooming in on the Urzikstan map. If you try to find them without zooming in, they’ll show up on the map like every other item which makes it near impossible to spot one without zooming in. This is one of the most valuable MW3 zombies tips and tricks we can give you.

So once you’ve zoomed in, swipe left and right to see all Wall Buy weapon locations in MW3 zombies. They’re displayed as tiny black handgun icons and you can visit any one of them to buy weapons using Essence. As you venture deeper into the map, you’ll encounter more valuable weapons. You can ping them and then exit the map, thus showing you which direction to walk and how far to go.

Wall Buy locations in MW3: The map with every wall buy location
Check your map for every Wall Buy. Captured by VideoGamer

Although these Wall Buy locations are always visible in Urzikstan, we suggest knowing a few of their locations without having to check the map all the time. This is helpful since there’s no pausing a match in MW3 zombies, so you wouldn’t want to get caught in a situation whereby you need a Wall Buy location fast but need to check the map while trying to get away from hordes of zombies. 

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Travel around a bit

Although Wall Buys are scattered throughout Urzikstan, there’s an abundance of them in certain areas of the map like Popov Power and Zaravan City. If you don’t want to spend lots of time searching for Wall Buys, visit either one of those areas.

Best Urzikstan locations to find Wall Buy

Popov Power and Zaravan City are two areas on the map where you won’t have problems finding Wall Buy when playing MW3 zombies. Below are the specific locations within these areas where you can find Wall Buy else you might just have to figure out how to find a Pack-A-Punch machine and spend lots of Essence to use one:

wall buy locations in MW3: Map of all Wall Buy spots in Zaravan City
Head to Zaravan City for a Wall Buy location. Captured by VideoGamer

Zaravan City

For Zaravan Suburbs, there are five buildings around the area and you’ll find a Wall Buy in front of the largest building. The good thing about these Wall Buys is that you can simply add a Ping to any one of them you want to visit and you’ll be guided to that particular one. Once you’re close enough to one, you can spot the glitter from afar. I only spotted two Wall Buys around Zaravan Suburbs and you can find the other just before the orange line that separates the town in the map.

wall buy locations in mw3: All Wall Buy spots on the Popov Power map
Head to Popov Power to find plenty of Wall Buys. Captured by VideoGamer

Popov Power

This area has a lot more Wall Buys than any other town I’ve come across in MW3 zombies. There are four Wall Buys around Popov Power and they’re all relatively close to each other. The first one is by a building close to a vehicle icon just slightly outside of the area. The second one is near a gas station not too far from the first as seen in the photo. The third Wall Buy in Popov Power is a bit far from the first two and there are no other items close to it. So just Ping to it and head over. The last one is located on the outer part of a large and round building that’s slightly close to the third. 

But be careful because the zombies won’t stop coming after you even as you purchase weapons from Wall Buys. And while heading to a Wall Buy location, make sure you’re not being followed by zombies, especially the Hellhound fiery zombie dog who I couldn’t seem to get rid of and couldn’t put down as I was out of ammo. So watch your back and make sure you’re not being followed.

Wall Buy weapons have been an essential feature of the Zombies mode since its introduction in Call of Duty: World at War’s Nocht der Untoten map. However, game company Treyarch could not have foreseen the popularity and influence of the zombie mode through the Call of Duty games that followed over the years.  Whether you’re using a Wall Buy weapon or not, be sure to see our best MW3 loadout.

MW3 zombies Wall Buy FAQs

Are Wall Buys available in other game modes?

Not exactly. Wall Buys are only available to use in MW3 zombies mode.

How much do Wall Buys cost?

It depends on the weapon rarity you want, but Wall Buys can cost from 1,000-5,000 Essence.