Best Throwables in MW3

Best Throwables in MW3
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Looking for the best Throwables in MW3? We’ve them lined up for you. Just like in MW2, the choice of throwables in MW3 depends on your playstyle and the situation. There are times when you’ll find yourself in the toughest of multiplayer matches where you’ll need to rely on your Tactical and Lethal Throwables to win. 

But before we dive into the best Throwables, you might want to go over the best Pila loadout in MW3 because sometimes you just need to pull out the big guns when things become too crazy in multiplayer. We also suggest checking our MW3 system requirements if you’re playing on PC. For now, let’s talk about these throwables.

A screenshot of a video game with a gun in it, featuring the best throwables in MW3 beta.

Best Throwables in MW3

  • Flash Grenade (Best Tactical)
  • Frag Grenade (Best Lethal) 

Flash Grenade

A flash grenade.

The Flash Grenade is highly effective for disorienting and blinding enemies. It’s excellent for clearing rooms, taking control of objectives, or escaping tight spots when things go sideways. Once you throw it close to an enemy, it’ll impair their vision and slow their reactions, making it easy for you to take them out. 

Frag Grenade

Best Grenades in MW3 beta

The Frag Grenade is a more versatile and deadly option. It can deal significant damage and eliminate enemies when thrown accurately. It’s useful for both offensive and defensive playstyles as well. You can toss it into crowded areas or use it to clear out entrenched enemies to guarantee a kill. 

Many will argue that the Battle Rage or even the Smoke Grenade is a better option but whether or not the Frag Grenade is better than Battle Rage in the MW3 depends on your playstyle and the situation at hand. So while the above Throwables are the best we recommend, you should experiment with others like the Semtex Grenade and see which Throwable fits your playstyle. 

With that said, the MW3 is going well for the most part but some fans who pre-ordered are already cancelling their pre-orders as they believe the latest instalment is a downgrade on Modern Warfare 2019. Lastly, we suggest going over our best MW3 controller settings for a much better gameplay experience.

Throwables FAQ

What are Tactical Equipment in MW3? 

Tactical equipment includes items like Flash Grenades, EMD Grenades, and Smoke Grenades. These items are used to disrupt enemy vision, disorient opponents, or obscure visibility.

What are Lethal Equipment in MW3?

These consists of items like Frag Grenades, Semtex, and Thermobaric Grenades. These items are designed to cause direct damage to enemy players.

How can I use Tactical Equipment effectively?

Tactical equipment should be used strategically to gain an advantage in engagements. For example, Flash Grenades can blind enemies, making them vulnerable to attack.

Which equipment is best for crowd control?

 Smoke Grenades are excellent for crowd control as they create a smokescreen, making it difficult for enemies to see and shoot accurately.

What is the difference between Battle Rage and other Tactical Equipment?

Battle Rage is a unique tactical equipment that enhances your abilities for a limited time. It provides benefits like faster movement and increased melee damage.

Which equipment is best for clearing rooms or tight spaces?

Semtex grenades are effective for clearing rooms or tight spaces as they stick to surfaces and can eliminate enemies hiding in confined areas.