Best Perks in MW3 – here’s our top perks to use in Modern Warfare 3

Best Perks in MW3 – here’s our top perks to use in Modern Warfare 3
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Want to know the best perks in MW3? Modern Warfare 3 is here and a big part of the game is the perk set up you choose for your loadouts. We’re going to detail all of the best perks and where each of these perks will be best used because sometimes you’ll have to rely heavily on them on the battlefield.

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Best perks in MW3

The perks in MW3 are broken up into four categories: Vest, Gloves, Boots, and Gear. We’ll give you the best perk to choose in each category throughout the MW3. Note that these are subject to change as balance patches come out now that the game is fully released.

Gunner Vest

A screenshot showcasing the gunner vest in Call of Duty with some of the best perks in MW3.
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The Gunner Vest option is the best vest perk in MW3. This is because it allows you to have a second primary weapon in your loadout at the cost of having boots. While movement has made a return as a key mechanic in MW3, gunfights are so action packed that taking the time to reload only one weapon is almost always a death sentence.

Quick Grip Gloves

A pair of quick rip gloves.
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The best Gloves perk that you can pick in MW3 is the Quick Grip Gloves. As we mentioned earlier, gunfights in MW3 are very fast paced, and having the ability to quickly pull out your secondary weapon, even if it is a pistol, is often the difference between securing a kill, or being killed yourself.

✓ Alan’s tip

Don’t overly rely on them

Perks are undoubtedly important loadout tools to have in MW3 but they rarely determine the outcome of a match. So while you should strive to unlock the best, continue to rely on your actual gameplay skills to win matches.

Covert Sneakers

best mw3 perks - Picture of the Covert Sneakers in MW3
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For Boots, the Covert Sneakers are the best default option to pick. Eliminating footstep sounds is such a huge advantage in multiplayer. Considering that everyone is going to be moving around the map very quickly, having the element of surprise against your opponents is so huge. Until you unlock them at level 27 though, the Stalker Boots are the best option for increased movement during a gunfight.

EOD Padding

best mw3 perks - Picture of the EOD Padding in MW3

EOD Padding should be the best and default option for Gear. It gives you resistance to fire and explosives, which is great in nearly any situation for any loadout. Depending on the loadout that you’re using though, something like Mission Control Comlink could also be a great choice. This is a good choice for those who are either fragging out and want to push for the higher power killstreaks, or someone who is posted up with a sniper rifle and wants to get access to a UAV sooner.

And those are the best perks to use in Modern Warfare 3. There may be other perks that get introduced to the game after updates and patches, but these are the best we think you can use for now. You should go over our MW3 multiplayer tips and tricks as well as our MW3 cheats to learn some of the gameplay secrets we’ve discovered.

MW3 perks FAQs

When do basic perks become available in MW3?

Basic perks like the Quick Grip Gloves are available from the start of the game.

What’s the best way to unlock perks in MW3?

You can unlock perks by levelling up your player level, completing challenges or finding them in hidden locations in the game.