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MW2 players want Prop Hunt back – and so do we

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Following rumours of the return of Gunfight and Gun Game to Modern Warfare 2, players are wondering if other classic Call of Duty modes could make their return.

Users on Reddit have been wondering if Prop Hunt could feature in the new game, with several users on Reddit fondly remembering their time with the mode.

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If you’re not familiar – Prop Hunt has featured in many previous Call of Duty games and sees two teams of hiders and seekers.

Gameplay sees one team given a 30 second headstart, in which time they’re able to hide in the scenery disguised as one of a number of ‘props’ – ie, usually inanimate objects found in the game world.

The other team, meanwhile, must hunt down the other players, and shoot at the objects they think are really other players in disguise. However, they only have a pistol – with unlimited ammo – to do so.


Of course, the aim for the hiders is to not be found by the end of the time limit. The seekers have to find all the hidden players to win (and can earn XP every time they find a player.)

To make things a bit harder – and to prevent camping – prop players would periodically make a noise every so often; encouraging them to move around the map and find a new hiding spot.

In addition, the seekers often have use of a stun grenade, which doesn’t slow down the props – but does alert the hunters to a human’s presence.

Many users on Reddit think the mode will be a fun addition to the game. “I think more wacky and fun modes like this would be nice to have”, said RJE808.

Similarly, those who aren’t as high on Call of Duty tend to enjoy the novelty of the mode. “My wife is not big on shooters but loves playing prop hunt with me,” says Laserchunk.

At the time of writing, Activision hasn’t said if it’ll bring back Prop Hunt in a future season. But fingers crossed – if new seasons do indeed bring back new game modes – Prop Hunt could be under consideration.

We should find out what Season 2 of Modern Warfare 2 has in store very soon. In the meantime, check out our guide to the DMZ mode.

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