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MW2 data miners uncover details that signal the arrival of Gunfight and Gun Game

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The initial release of MW2 brought back a slew of exciting game modes that have been franchise staples since they were first introduced. However, two specific match types were notably omitted since launch and fans have been calling for its inclusion ever since.

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Gunfight and Gun Game, two of the most exciting modes to grace the popular FPS franchise, will apparently be returning soon. According to an official post, data miners have seemingly been able to uncover references and icons for both of the aforementioned match types in the MW2 multiplayer files.

For those that aren’t familiar, Gunfight was a unique 2v2 experience that was initially included in Modern Warfare 2019. In it, players would be given 40 seconds to eliminate the enemy team. If unable to do so, an Overtime Flag would spawn in the middle of the map that groups could capture in order to win.

Gun Game, on the other hand, required players to progress through a specific sequence of weapons by earning kills with each one. The first Operator to get a frag with the final piece of equipment would ultimately get the win.


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Since MW2’s initial launch, there has been continued speculation regarding the reintroduction of these two game modes to CoD’s latest installment. Though it hasn’t officially been announced yet, it seems that fans will finally be getting what they asked for soon.

With Season 2 only a few weeks away, players will hopefully be able to get a taste of these game modes by then. However, one thing remains certain whether or not these game modes arrive during that time. The arrival of a familiar and favored feature is a much needed refresher for a title that’s been taking it in the shins recently.