MW2 Players Frustrated With Poor Matchmaking which has negatively impacted Wins 

MW2 Players Frustrated With Poor Matchmaking which has negatively impacted Wins 
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Since the release of MW2 there have been a few complaints regarding the matchmaking in the game. Most recently the issue was solo players being placed into lobbies that have already begun, a lot of the time this would mean players couldn’t influence the end result of the match. Often the game would have already been decided by the time they have joined the game. 

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This issue was raised on Reddit recently, and we have noticed that on top of the above, fans of the game believe they have noticed another issue when searching for games by themselves. 

The most recent issue raised is a player who, despite performing well individually, often finds themselves on the losing team, negatively impacting their stats. The poster on Reddit has stated “matchmaking seems to put me in the worst teams every time” this is despite having a good K/D. 

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There were quite a few people in the community who agreed with the post with one user stating “you’re not the only one. Trust me.”

A lot of the debate below the post is regarding players who play the objective, while others play to improve their own stats. Yet there are quite a few people in agreement that matchmaking does not treat you kindly if you’re a solo player.

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With this being the second complaint we have seen recently related to solo matchmaking, hopefully there is a patch or fix soon.