MW2 players begging for matchmaking fix after being thrown into lobbies like lambs to slaughter

MW2 players begging for matchmaking fix after being thrown into lobbies like lambs to slaughter
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MW2 players have frequently had to undergo a variety of less-than-ideal experiences with the latest installment in the CoD franchise. Numerous unwanted instances such as Riot Shield abuse and unexplainable access issues have been some of the more significant problems plaguing this particular release.

This time around, players are now begging the MW2 developers to fix their multiplayer matchmaking system. As has often been the case, solo players that search for lobbies will frequently be placed in one that has already started.

Unfortunately, this means that there will be occasions wherein the match that an individual is placed in will already be near its end. This ends up being a waste of time for the player since it not only doesn’t record their stats but it also usually results in a loss.

Numerous Reddit users have started to create threads regarding their experiences with this prevalent issue. One specific post had the following to say about this reoccurring issue: “I’m a solo player, I get it, they put me where there’s an opening but I’m not exaggerating when I say that out of the 20 or so matches I’ve played today, at least 15 of them were pointless.”

Other individuals replying under the same thread echo the poster’s sentiment. “The amount of games I join where one side is getting absolutely obliterated is ridiculous. One team is completely stacked and the other has no thumbs, happens more often than it should,” a commenter stated.

The regularity with which this particular flaw has been happening is alarming to say the least. Hopefully, the developers can find a fix that can appease their increasingly restless player base.