MW2 fans may be waiting longer than they thought for Season 2

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MW2 fans will seemingly have to wait a little longer before new content is introduced to the latest CoD installment. According to a post from a reputable source, Modern Warfare 2 data miners have apparently uncovered information that suggests a delay to the release of Season 2.

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Naturally, the community hasn’t reacted well at all to this latest piece of negative news. The glaring issues that have frequently been present within the game itself have caused many users to abandon the game entirely. For some, this may finally be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

As has often been the case, numerous MW2 players have taken to Reddit to vent out their growing frustrations with the game. Multiple posts have already been made displaying the collective frustration of an increasingly disgruntled player base.

A commenter under one thread in particular had this to say about the latest MW2 mishap: “I’m starting to think that this two year game cycle wasn’t to give us more of a game but it was to take the piss and spread 1 year of content over 2.” Other users would go on to agree with the statement by noting the following: “I think we are finding out that CoD isn’t a franchise that can support more than a year of content.”

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Unfortunately, neither Infinity Ward nor Activision themselves are yet to issue an official announcement regarding the news. However, it isn’t at all unsurprising since a lack of communication from both the publisher and developer has been the norm since the game was first launched.

Hopefully, those responsible for MW2 release a statement soon, but it may just be wishful thinking at this point.

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