Here’s How To Fix ‘Scan and Repair’ in MW2

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MW2 has been far from smooth and already has presented fans with some nagging issues that have been disruptive towards the gaming experience of many.

One of the core problems at the forefront of MW2, has been the dreaded ‘Scan and Repair’ pop up that’s surfaced for PC users. When PC users come across the ‘Scan and Repair’ notification, it usually indicates that the PC hardware is in need for a self-examination screening to look for any errors or bugs that could be interfering with the fluidity of the system working properly.

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Though ‘Scan and Repair’ is a useful function to have for PC players, it’s a different story when fans are constantly faced with the pop up message nonstop when their hardware doesn’t require or need to go through ‘Scan and Repair’.

So how can PC users possibly fix this headache-of-an-issue in MW2? Here’s what we know on how to fix the ‘Scan and Repair’ problem that’s been plaguing PC users.

How To Fix ‘Scan and Repair’ in MW2

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The most popular and effective solution for the ‘Scan and Repair’ issue on MW2 as of right now, is adjusting your ‘Parallax Effects’ settings. The Parallax Effect is usually the setting that allows background images to move more slowly than foreground images. And its inability to process properly when playing multiplayer, could have been the culprit for this constant ‘Scan and Repair’ pop up.

This method doesn’t have a 100% gurantee fix rate. But it has worked for most PC players and could for you as well should you still be dealing with it.

Here’s how you can turn off the Parallax Effects in MW2:

  1. Visit the MW2 Settings
  2. Select Interface Menu
  3. Go to Parallax Effects and switch it to OFF

Upon doing so, you should not come across the ‘Scan and Repair’ pop up any longer. However, should it still continue to act up, we suggest you reinstall MW2 as that can help remove any glitchy behaviors that might be still lingering with the game.

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How Long Does ‘Scan and Repair’ Take?

The ‘Scan and Repair’ function does its job quite well, and as a result, it can take some time for it to complete. Should you actually need to run it, some of you might be wondering how long it will take so you can prepare yourself for what you will be getting into.

The time frame will vary, and there’s not one set time limit for ‘Scan and Repair’. However, when launched, ‘Scan and Repair’ will typically take around two hours to complete, if not longer. There’s times ‘Scan and Repair’ will slow down and then suddenly speed up. But as far as start to finish, it usually takes two hours, and even on high-powered PCs, won’t dip below that threshold often.

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