Best Controller Settings For MW2

Best Controller Settings For MW2
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From gameplay, movement, guns, maps, and more, getting a feel for MW2 can take some time as fans continue to acclimate to the ebbs and flows of the game.

At the forefront of these adjustments is that of the gameplay and how your actions translate over in real-time when playing. Naturally, this will depend on how well you position yourself, how good your vision is, and how quick you are to react when using your gun of choice.

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But alongside those important aspects of how you play, comes also the controller settings you use, particularly the button layout preset. How you choose to design your controller settings layout, will make a significant difference with how well you will play.

There’s a lot of button layout presets in MW2. But which ones are the best to rely on? On that note, here’s a look at our Top 3 controller settings layouts you can use in MW2.

MW2: Best Controller Settings

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With so many different controller settings to choose from in MW2, we’re going to provide you our three best layout preset choices you can select in the settings. Once you have the basic layout, you can then choose to customize your controls to match your play.

To locate and change your controller settings, you need to visit the ‘settings page’, select the ‘controller menu’, and then choose the ‘edit button layout’ tab. From there, you’ll be able to change and fix your controller settings.

Without further ado, here’s our Top 3 controller layout presets you can find in MW2:

3. Default Layout

From year to year, this is one of the most straightforward layouts you can use in MW2. All the important motions from jumping to sliding, to reloading, to switching weapons are all in close proximity on the right hand side while each triggers (left and right) are most convenient when firing your weapon and using your aim down sight. It’s one of the most popular setups (not just in Call of Duty) and is one of the easiest to get a feel for.

2. Stick And Move Layout

If you want to make an easy transition from Default to a different controller setting, the Stick And Move option is a great one. It switches your melee button to A (Xbox) or X (PS) and moves your jumping and mantle action to the RS (right stick).

Though mantling is definitely important in multiplayer, particularly when camping or perched out with a sniper, it’s not crucial for it to be amongst the right side of buttons. Same goes for jumping, which isn’t as nearly as efficient as sliding. That said, should you need to jump, using the RS isn’t the best option to do so.

1. Tactical Layout

The Tactical Layout in MW2 is the best controller setup and probably the most popular as well. It shifts your melee button to B (Xbox) or O (PS) and has your sliding, diving, and change stance movements on your RS. Since you spring with your LS, it makes perfect sense to have its corresponding movement controls on the RS. Having the melee on the selection of right hand buttons isn’t super necessary. But you would surprised how convenient it can be to use in certain close proximity circumstances where maybe you ran out of ammo or need to reload. Having a button to mash for that purpose is pretty clutch, simply put.

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