Godmode monkey bomb glitch storms MW3 Zombies and lets you earn unlimited XP

Godmode monkey bomb glitch storms MW3 Zombies and lets you earn unlimited XP
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s take on the fan-favorite Zombies mode might not be perfect, but it sure is a good time. And with the occasional glitch spicing up gameplay, there’s no better excuse to experiment. One such fun discovery is a new monkey bomb glitch.

Just days after the unlimited sentry glitch made itself known, our resident Zombies overlord Jay has struck gold. While this one does involve a sentry gun again, this one is even more ridiculous. This glitch allows you to distract every zombie around you, taking their focus away from you and making you invincible. This lets your team pick them off like cherries on a cake. Want to get toxic damage kills in MW3 Zombies for a sweet camo? You now have a horde of zombies waiting to be destroyed.

How to use the monkey bomb glitch in MW3 Zombies

Jay tells me that you need a monkey bomb and a sentry gun to make this work in MW3 Zombies. Under normal circumstances, a monkey bomb lures zombies while playing a jingle before exploding. But Jay discovered that if you stand on a sentry gun and use the monkey bomb, it just stays in the air forever. This lures zombies to a point of your choosing, letting you mow them off the map.

There are many ways to get monkey bombs. Get them off random shelves in Urzikstan, finish contract missions, or find them in loot caches. Higher-value caches in Aether Nests and Infected Strongholds are a good bet. Buy Stations in Medium Threat Zones have Cymbal Monkey Bombs in stock and can be purchased for 5,000 Essence. While that might sound like a lot, it’s definitely worth the effort.

MW3 monkey bomb glitch: An image of zombies crowding near a monkey bomb.
These clueless zombies herding like sheep around a monkey bomb won’t know what hits them next in MW3 Zombies. Image taken by VideoGamer.

Why exploit the monkey bomb glitch in MW3

Using this monkey bomb glitch has plenty of advantages. For starters, you can start raking up experience points, both for your weapons and your character. As weapon XP lets you make them more powerful with upgrades, it’s a great alternative to grinding the game for camo skins and upgrades. Character level also affects bonuses like the Armory Unlock Challenges system. 

Another advantage would be luring bosses, elite zombies, or armored enemies in the Red Zone, the tier 3 threat level zone of MW3 Zombies. This would let your squad make short work of enemy forces without resorting to Wonder Weapons. Work fast though, as this may get patched quickly.

At the moment, there doesn’t appear to be any restriction to how long the zombies will stand still. As they adore the floating monkey bomb, you can drop them with a shower of lead and explosives. Jay was quick to note that your squad members could lure even more zombies toward this floating distraction.

That covers the new MW3 zombies monkey bomb glitch. If you don’t want to monkey around and stick to regular combat, our MW3 Zombies tips and tricks will come in handy. Check out when the next Double XP Weekend is in MW3 as well. Pair the glitch and double XP tokens for some god-tier XP gains.