How to craft in MW3 zombies – here’s how to craft schematics in Modern Warfare 3

How to craft in MW3 zombies – here’s how to craft schematics in Modern Warfare 3
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When fighting off hordes of creatures hellbent on devouring your brains, having the right weapons is a must, so you’ll need to learn how to craft in MW3 zombies. Luckily, we’ll cover exactly that here to give you the advantage you need before jumping in.

Of course, even with the most powerful guns in your arsenal, collecting loot and stacking up zombie kills won’t matter if you don’t know how to exfil in zombies mode. If you already do, though, here’s what you need to do to craft schematics in the undead mode to give you and your team the fighting edge it needs.

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How to craft schematics in MW3 zombies?

To craft in MW3 zombies, head into your Rucksack, select Schematic Crafting from the options, and choose the Schematic you want to craft. Keep in mind that before you can start crafting schematics, you’ll need to collect the plan you want in a match first. You’ll also need to exfil with it successfully in order to access it in your Rucksack, so make sure to extract the plan you’re looking for as soon as you find it.

Once you’ve crafted a schematic, you’ll be able to use the item you made in the next match you drop into if you decide to bring it with you. You’ll have to remember, though, that each crafted piece of equipment you bring into a match has a designated cooldown, meaning you won’t be able to use it until after a certain amount of time has elapsed.

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Crafting might just keep you alive

Crafting schematics in MW3 Zombies gives you a strategic advantage as it allows you to build and upgrade essential items. Whether fortifying defenses or enhancing weaponry, mastering the art of crafting is a valuable skill that can be key to your survival.

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Most equipment, like Ammo Mods, Aether Tools, and Aetherium Crystals, typically only require a few hours before you can use them again. However, Wonder Weapons, such as the Ray Gun and the Wunderwaffe DG-2, take 48 hours to cool down, meaning you can’t use these powerful weapons for two whole days.

That covers all you need to know about how to craft in zombies mode. If you’re having a difficult time surviving or making the most of zombies mode, check out our MW3 zombies tips and tricks guide. And if you’ve already gotten the hang of the mode and can take on zombies, then challenge yourself by locating all the MW3 zombies Easter eggs.

Modern Warfare 3 FAQs

What is Operation Deadbolt in MW3?

This is the first Act that you’ll complete in MW3 zombies.

How many players can participate in MW3 zombies mode?

Zombies mode in Modern Warfare 3 supports up to four players in co-op, forming a team to work together and hopefully survive hordes of the undead.