MLB The Show 23 Legends

MLB The Show 23 Legends
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Over the months of February and March, San Diego Studio highlighted a variety of new content pertaining to its new baseball video game, MLB The Show 23. Throughout the month of March alone, The Show was quite active with a variety of new reveals, particularly with their new Legends.

For those of you that might not be familiar, ‘Legends’ players have been a hit in The Show for quite some time, typically honoring at least one former Legend from each of the 30 MLB teams with every one of them coming with a Diamond card or more.

Because of its popularity, The Show decided to add in more Legends for MLB The Show 23. And to the delight of the fans, MLB The Show 23 revealed 24 new Legends leading up to its launch, and has continued to drop more since it was released.

That all said, which Legends have The Show released so far for their new game this year? Not to worry! We cover the full list down below of all the new Legends you can find in MLB The Show 23.

MLB The Show 23 – All New Legends

The Show 23 Legends

Following their website post of the official Legends Program, The Show has now released over 24 new Legends in MLB The Show 23. With the first reveal taking place on February 13, 2023, The Show revealed more Legends nearly each week leading up to launch, and added some during Season 2 already as well.

To serve as a friendly reminder, Legends are not marked by a specific program or series name, and usually come with a handful of different versions that are released over the course of the game’s many seasons. So should you be after any of the Legends in MLB The Show 23, you will have to pursue them individually and some will not be available in the Marketplace.

As you go through these lists, you’ll notice some players with two teams. To clarify, one indicates the team The Show has them listed under on their site, while the other is the team they can currently be found under when looking through the Flashbacks player card collections.

MLB Legends Season 1

American League

  • Carlos Peña (1B) – Rays
  • Ian Kinsler (2B) – Rangers
  • Kyle Seager (3B) – Mariners
  • Derek Jeter (SS) – Yankees
  • Raul Ibañez (OF) – Mariners/Yankees
  • Chili Davis (OF) – Angels
  • Alex Gordon (OF) – Royals
  • Mark Mulder (SP) – Athletics

National League

  • Mark McGwire (1B) – Cardinals
  • David Wright (3B) – Mets
  • Mike Lowell (3B) – Marlins
  • Sammy Sosa (OF) – Cubs
  • Ryan Braun (OF) – Brewers
  • Greg Vaughn (OF) – Padres/Brewers
  • Ryan Ludwick (OF) – Cardinals
  • Jake Peavy (SP) – Padres
  • Matt Cain (SP) – Giants

MLB Legends Season 2

The following Legends have yet to be officially confirmed by MLB The Show 23 on their Legends page. However, seeing that all of them are former MLB players who’ve yet to be featured in previous MLB The Show games as Diamond Legends, all of them are indeed new Legends in MLB The Show 23:

American League

  • Tony Clark (1B) – Tigers
  • Brian Roberts (2B) – Orioles
  • Al Kaline (OF) – Tigers
  • Johnny Damon (OF) – Red Sox
  • Jim Edmunds (OF) – Angels
  • Edgar Martinez (DH) – Mariners
  • Bert Blyleven (SP) – Twins
  • Whitey Ford (SP) – Yankees

National League

  • Ernie Banks (SS) – Cubs
  • Jerry Hairston Jr. (SS) – Reds
  • Paul Molitor (3B) – Brewers
  • Tim Raines (OF) – Nationals
  • Monte Irvin (OF) – Giants
  • Steve Finley (OF) – Diamondbacks
  • Greg Maddux (SP) – Braves
  • Tom Glavine (SP) – Braves
  • Roy Halladay (SP) – Phillies
  • Robin Roberts (SP) – Phillies
  • Al Leiter (SP) – Mets
  • John Franco (CP) – Mets

The Negro Leagues Legends

Here’s a look at all the new Negro Leagues Legends that were introduced this year:

  • John Donaldson (P) – All Nations
  • Andrew ‘Rube’ Foster (P) – Chicago American Giants
  • Satchel Paige (P) – Kansas City Monarchs
  • Hilton Smith (P) – Kansas City Monarchs
  • Buck O’Neil (1B) – Kansas City Monarchs
  • Hank Thompson (3B) – Kansas City Monarchs
  • Martín Dihigo (P/2B) – Hilldale Giants

Should any other Legends be added to the list for MLB The Show 23, be sure to stay tuned here for all the latest updates and more.

MLB The Show 23 – All Previous Legends

MLB The Show 23
Copyright MLB The Show 23

Along with the new Legends that arrived this year in 2023, MLB The Show 23 is also home to 14 additional Legends that came in MLB The Show 22. Any former players that cannot be found in MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty will likely be added into the game as Legends at a later date. Down below, we list all 14 Legends from The Show 22:

MLB Legends

  • Joe Mauer (C) – Twins
  • Mike Napoli (C) – Red Sox/Rangers
  • Ryan Howard (1B) – Phillies
  • Chase Utley (2B) – Phillies
  • Ray Durham (2B) – White Sox
  • Kevin Youkilis (3B) – Red Sox
  • Curtis Granderson (CF) – Yankees/Tigers
  • Kirk Gibson (RF) – Tigers
  • Randy Johnson (SP) – Diamondbacks
  • Dontrelle Willis (SP) – Marlins
  • Mike Mussina (SP) – Yankees
  • Jared Weaver (SP) – Angels
  • J.R. Richard (SP) – Astros
  • Brian Wilson (CP) – Giants

With all the full list of Legends now covered, feel free to check out whether Derek Jeter is in MLB The Show 23 or not here. If you want to learn more about the Negro Leagues Storylines in MLB The Show 23, we go over the new mode in detail here.

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