*LATEST* Is Derek Jeter In MLB The Show 23?

*LATEST* Is Derek Jeter In MLB The Show 23?
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Ever since The Show announced that Hall of Fame shortstop Derek Jeter would grace the cover of the Collector’s Edition for MLB The Show 23, baseball fans have been curious about one thing: Will The Captain actually be featured in the new game?

Though it might seem like an obvious answer, there hasn’t been a whole lot of clarity on whether Jeter will be in the game itself, leaving many fans wondering if the legendary shortstop will be available to play with come the launch of MLB The Show 23.

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That being said, The Show did make an official announcement on the matter this week. And we here at VideoGamer, have dug into this news to determine whether you will be able to play with The Captain in MLB The Show 23 or not.

So without another moment to spare, let’s dive right in and see whether Jeter will be in The Show 23 come the start of early access this Friday.

Is Derek Jeter In MLB The Show 23?

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The answer is yes! Derek Jeter is indeed available to play as in MLB The Show 23’s Diamond Dynasty mode, where fans can acquire and play with Jeter’s Signature Series card, Captain Series card, and or Live Series Postseason Core card.

After plenty of speculation over the last month, The Show finally confirmed yesterday via Twitter that Derek Jeter is in fact be in the game, which comes to the delight of many baseball fans far and wide. Jeter was also named as one of the Legends coming to The Show 23 – so fans will have yet another card of his to play with.

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The 14-time All-Star, 5-time World Series Champion, and 5-time Gold Glover was truly one of the greatest players the MLB has ever seen, embodying what it meant to be a leader on and off the field. Because of how legendary of an impact Jeter had towards the game of baseball, it’s only fair to be able to experience his gift for the game firsthand within The Show 23 as well.