*UPDATED* MLB The Show 23: The Negro Leagues Storyline Mode

*UPDATED* MLB The Show 23: The Negro Leagues Storyline Mode
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As the release date for MLB The Show 23 begins to slowly draw closer, The Show has started to publish and post more reveals of some of the content and gameplay fans can expect to see in the new game.

The Show kicked off its first wave of reveals by introducing the cover athletes of their new game, along with the different types of editions and bonuses you can get with each.

However, following these core details, The Show made its first major gameplay announcement about a mode they will be adding for the first time this year: The Negro Leagues Storyline Mode.

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Due to the influence of segregation, many fans to this day don’t know much about the integral role the Negro Leagues played in baseball and American history. And starting this year, The Show 23 decided to provide their Storylines game mode as a gateway to educate baseball fans of the historic black individuals that not only excelled in The Negro Leagues, but also conquered the adversity they were faced with throughout their lives.

Though The Show has only provided bits and pieces of what we can expect from The Negro Leagues Storyline mode, they did reveal a handful additional details regarding this exciting new feature today (February 9) at 2PM PST / 5PM ET / 10PM GMT on their Twitch and YouTube live streams. So on that note, here’s a look at the all details we know so far about The Negro Leagues Storyline Mode set to come to The Show 23.

The Show 23 – The Negro Leagues Storyline Mode

Courtesy of MLB The Show 23

Come the launch of MLB The Show 23, fans will have the opportunity to dive into The Negro Leagues Storyline Mode and experience the journeys from each of the eight players they will have available in the game.

These journeys will contain short informational videos and will come with gameplay opportunities that reflect important moments that specific player went through. Narrated by Negro League Baseball Museum President, Bob Kendrick, these real-life storylines will offer fans an enlightening experience that honors the deep and rich history of the Negro Leagues.

In addition, this will mark the first set (or Season 1 collection) of the Negro Leagues players that The Show will incorporate annually into each new edition of their franchise. Because of the brilliance behind this new mode, The Show wants to include it in future editions of the game, and as result, signed a multi-year contract with the Negro League Baseball Museum to produce five different Negro Leagues Storyline Mode installments over the next five years.

So on that note, here are the first eight players you will be able to play as and learn from in MLB The Show 23’s Negro Leagues Storyline Mode:

  • John Donaldson – The Great Barnstorming Showman
  • Jackie Robinson – Baseball’s Greatest Pioneer
  • Satchel Paige – The Negro League’s Brightest Star
  • Rube Foster – The Father of Black Baseball
  • Hilton Smith – The Forgotten Star
  • Buck O’Neil – A Leader of Men
  • Hank Thomas – Barrier Breaker
  • Martín Dihigo – El Maestro

Because of this special partnership, The Show will also be donating $1 to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum for every The Show 23 Collector’s Edition sold in the US. This will run from February 6 to December 31, 2023.

The Show 23 – The Negro Leagues Live Stream

The Show 23 Negro Leagues
Copyright MLB The Show 23

Earlier today, The Show hosted a live stream covering The Negro Leagues Storyline Mode in more depth and detail alongside Negro Leagues Baseball Museum President, Bob Kendrick. Over the hour-long live stream, several key points were discussed.

But to keep it short and to the point for our readers, we provided a small list of the new features that were revealed regarding the inaugural season of The Negro Leagues Storyline Mode in The Show 23:

  • Six era specific Negro League stadiums (Date Range: 1911 to 1950s)
  • Authentic Negro Leagues jerseys, gear, crowds, and more
  • It’s very own Negro Leagues Storyline Mode soundtrack
  • 70 new presentations
  • Wooden foul polls

At the time of this writing, this is all we know so far about this enlightening new mode coming to The Show 23. But be sure to stay tuned here should any additional news or details be revealed.

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