MLB The Show 23 – Mexico City Series Program

MLB The Show 23 – Mexico City Series Program
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Over the last two plus decades, Major League Baseball has held a handful of regular season games in Mexico. Although various Latin American, Central American, and Hispanic countries have played unique roles in the rich, diverse history the MLB has formed, Mexico has played a special part as well, highlighted firsthand by their impressive showing in the World Baseball Classic.

Well to honor the nations’ passion and dedication for the game of baseball, the MLB is returning to Mexico this year, with the league holding its very first regular season series in Mexico City over the weekend (April 29-30). This Mexico City showdown will feature the San Diego Padres and the San Francisco Giants, making for a competitive NL West experience to kick off the MLB’s 2023 international campaign.

As some of you might have expected, MLB The Show 23 also wanted to get in on the fun with this inaugural visit to Mexico City this year, by producing an all-new Mexico City Series Program in Diamond Dynasty. That’s right! As of today, fans can now find a special set of players from Mexico and of Mexican heritage as well as additional rewards, all of which come with this new Mexico City Series Program. But for many of you reading this, you’re likely wondering which players are a part of this special new addition and how you will be able to get your hands on them?

Not to worry! We cover all you need to know about the new Mexico City Series Program in MLB The Show 23’s Diamond Dynasty, including the new players and prizes that can be had from the program’s rewards path.

MLB The Show 23 – Mexico City Series Program

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Unlike the Charisma Series Program that was released last week, the new Mexico City Series Program is a big one, coming with a rewards path that has 32 tiers worth of prizes and will require 160 total stars in order to be completed.

From several The Show 23 Packs, Ballin is a Habit Packs, Stubs, and a World Baseball Classic All Around The World Choice Pack, the best part about the Mexico City Series Program has to be the player items available in the rewards path. Among the player rewards are that of Mexican World Baseball Classic diamonds, Mexico Captain Series diamonds, and Mexico City Series Giants and Padres diamonds, who are the only player items that are not of Mexican descent.

In order to progress through the Mexico City Series Program to secure all of these amazing prizes, fans will need to complete the corresponding Missions, Moments, Showdown, and Conquest that comes with the new program. Though it might seem like a bit of a grind, there’s several great rewards to be had in the Mexico City Series Program that make it very worthwhile, particularly the players it comes, all of which are Core items mind you.

So without another moment to spare, here’s all the new players you can unlock in MLB The Show 23’s Mexico City Series Program in Diamond Dynasty:

World Baseball Classic Mexico City Series Players

  1. Isaac Paredes (3B) – 94 Overall
  2. Giovanny Gallegos (RP) – 91 Overall
  3. José Urquidy (SP) – 91 Overall
  4. Alek Thomas (CF) – 90 Overall
  5. Austin Barnes (C) – 90 Overall
  6. Luis Cessa (RP) – 88 Overall
  7. Alan Trejo (SS) – 88 Overall
  8. Jarren Duran (CF) – 87 Overall
  9. Javier Assad (SP) – 87 Overall
  10. Gerardo Reyes (RP) – 86 Overall

Mexico City Series Players

  1. Trent Grisham (CF) – Padres – 94 Overall
  2. Michael Conforto (RF) – Giants – 94 Overall
  3. Nick Martinez (SP) – Padres – 93 Overall
  4. Tyler Rogers (RP) – Giants – 92 Overall

Mexico Captain Series Players

  1. Alejandro Kirk (C) – Blue Jays – 92 Overall
  2. Andrés Muñoz (RP) – Mariners – 92 Overall

Although the overall ratings of Mexico City Series Program players doesn’t surpass 94, there are a variety of items that are definitely worth having, be it for a theme team or not.

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