MLB The Show 23 Supercharged Players

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Which Supercharged players are live in MLB The Show 23? San Diego Studio’s latest baseball video game, MLB The Show 23, has been a big hit since launch. And the focal point of its success has been none other than its popular Diamond Dynasty mode. Diamond Dynasty has plenty to offer this year – from its fun programs, to its balanced mix of single player and online game modes, to its diverse realm of MLB player items, and much more.

Within this baseball card universe, includes what MLB The Show 23 calls ‘CORE Live Series’ player items, which represent the active MLB players in the league. Depending on how each MLB player performs throughout the regular season, these Live Series items will fluctuate in overall ranking. However, should any of these CORE Live Series players have a very special or historic performance, MLB The Show 23 will ‘supercharge’ them to a 99 overall for a limited five day window.

So if you by any chance have a Live Series card that receives a supercharged boost, you will be able to use it’s boosted version within the five-day stretch it’s available before its boost expires. That being said, which players are supercharged right now and how can you get your hands on them? If that’s on your mind, we cover just what you’re looking for here.

MLB The Show 23 Supercharged Players

MLB The Show 23 Supercharged

As highlighted in the introduction, supercharged players consist of CORE Live Series items. As you play through game modes in Diamond Dynasty, you will unlock The Show 23 Packs, and inside, will receive random CORE Live Series player items, whether they’re Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Diamond. The more Live Series items you have, the greater the odds are of you landing a supercharged player.

Should you not have a supercharged player and would like to experience their supercharged boosts, you can also visit the Diamond Dynasty Community Market where you can purchase these players for reasonable prices using stubs. That said, these supercharged boosts only last five days. So you might be better off just playing with the ones you have or continue to collect more Core Live Series items to increase your chances if you haven’t come across any yet.

All supercharged items will last five days, with the sole exception being the voted on, Supercharged Player of the Week. For those that might not know, MLB The Show 23 puts up a voting poll on Twitter or on their website at the beginning of each week for five hours. And fans get to select which player they feel should be Supercharged for the next seven days.

So without further ado, here’s a look at all of the active MLB The Show 23 Supercharged players.

Supercharged Players – August 28

1. Jeremy Peña (SS) – Astros – Expires September 2

  • Racked up 5 hits and 3 RBIs in Astros 17-4 win over the Tigers on August 27.
  • Supercharged from 78 to 99 overall.

2. Mookie Betts (RF) – Dodgers – Expires September 4

  • Fan-Voted Supercharged Player of the Week.
  • Supercharged from 95 to 99 overall.

Supercharged Players – August 29

1. José Altuve (2B) – Astros – Expires September 3

  • Hit for his first career cycle in the Astros 13-5 win over the Red Sox on August 28.
  • Supercharged from 86 to 99 overall.

2. Johan Oviedo (SP) – Pirates – Expires September 3

  • Pitched a complete game shutout in Pirates 5-0 win over the Royals on August 28.
  • Supercharged from 75 to 99 overall.

This set of active Supercharged MLB The Show 23 Core players in Diamond Dynasty is the most recent. That said, this list will surely change as the days carry on – so be sure to stay tuned here for the latest Supercharged players in MLB The Show 23.

MLB The Show 23 Supercharged Jackie Robinson

The Show 23 Supercharged

In celebration of Jackie Robinson Day (April 15) as well as the 50th Anniversary of the Jackie Robinson Foundation, MLB The Show 23 decided to supercharge the Negro Leagues Storylines Mode Diamond Jackie Robinson rewards card from April 14 until April 17. So should you have unlocked Robinson’s card after completing his Negro Leagues Storylines moments, you could have taken advantage of his supercharged 99 overall abilities over the course of that weekend.

Recognising the pioneers of the game of baseball is paramount, particularly those that bridged the gap that racial segregation had formed in sports. Robinson’s impact not only on the field but also off of it, is instrumental to remember and cherish as you immerse yourself into the rich history of the game. And MLB The Show 23’s decision to supercharge Robinson, was a honorable tip-of-the-cap gesture to one of the greatest baseball pioneers of all time.

MLB The Show 23 Supercharged Players FAQ

What is a Supercharged player in MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty?

Supercharged players are Core Live Series items that receive a 5 to 7-day 99 overall boost following a special performance they had on the baseball field.

When does MLB The Show 23 introduce a new set of Supercharged players?

MLB The Show 23 will update their Supercharged player collection at the beginning of each week, with the Supercharged Player of the Week vote going live on Mondays.

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