*UPDATED* MLB The Show 23: Release Date, Pre Order Editions & Prices

*UPDATED* MLB The Show 23: Release Date, Pre Order Editions & Prices
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With the New Year well underway, the winter is gradually starting to fade and make room for the warm-weather season of the Spring. Along with many delightful new beginnings during this time of the year, comes the arrival of a new MLB season, and with that, the newest iteration of MLB The Show.

The 2022 MLB Postseason concluded on November 5th, 2022, so baseball hasn’t been in the air for quite some time, and fans have been growing eager to see what MLB The Show 23 will have to offer in the new year.

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For the first time all year, The Show revealed a handful of important announcements regarding their newest baseball game throughout this week, including their cover athlete, the release date, pre order editions, and much more.

So with that flip-of-the-bat, we present you MLB The Show 23’s much anticipated release date and all the crucial details you need to know about its pre order editions and the prices they go for.

MLB The Show 23 – Release Date

MLB The Show
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MLB The Show 23 is set to launch on March 28th, 2023. The Show officially announced its release date for the 2023 edition on January 30th at 12PM PT.

Seeing that the 2023 Season will commence on March 30th, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that The Show opted to release its new game two days prior, which they did last year as well.

MLB The Show 23 – Editions

As of this writing, MLB The Show 23 has revealed three different editions – the Standard Edition, the Captain’s Edition, and the Digital Deluxe Edition.

The Captain and Digital Deluxe versions belong to the Collector’s Edition, which features New York Yankee Hall of Fame Shortstop, Derek Jeter. Whether you pre order The Captain or Digital Deluxe version, you will have Jeter as your cover athlete.

The Standard Edition and its prices were revealed with the cover athlete on Monday, while the the Collector’s Edition was revealed on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon who had Jeter as his guest.

MLB The Show 23 – Prices

Pre orders for The Show 23 will be going live on Monday, February 6th. So it doesn’t hurt to know how much of these editions will cost for each system.

Let’s have a look:

Standard Edition Prices

  • PlayStation 4 – $59.99 USD / $69.99 CAD
  • PlayStation 5 – $69.99 USD / $79.99 CAD
  • Xbox One – $59.99 USD / $69.99 CAD
  • Xbox Series X: $69.99 USD / $79.99 CAD
  • Nintendo Switch: $59.99 USD / $69.99 CAD

Digital Deluxe Edition Price

  • For All Platforms: $99.99 USD/$ $129.99 CAD

The Captain Edition Price

  • For All Platforms: $99.99 USD/$129.99 CAD

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