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Madden 23: Weekly Wildcards – Week 7

Madden 23 Weekly Wildcards
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With the first full week of March underway, comes a new Weekly Wildcards Program release in Madden 23 Ultimate Team (MUT). Welcome to the Week 7 edition of the Weekly Wildcards special, presenting fans a new set of top tier players that would do wonders for their lineups.

Should you be new to this, or perhaps need a refresher, the Weekly Wildcards Program celebrates different levels of NFL experience, standout seasonal performances, and degrees of strength that were highlighted throughout the 2022 season.

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The Weekly Wildcards experience in MUT has been a great one for many reasons. Not only does it come with a variety of bright talent reflective of the 2022 season, but it also has consistently produced some quality cards in MUT, and its Week 7 drop was no different.

The Week 7 Weekly Wildcards release comes with 17 new players, which includes a Limited Edition (LTD) card. With the reveal taking place today at 10:30AM ET / 3:30PM GMT on Good Morning Madden, the in-game release went live shortly after (was targeted for 11AM ET).

So on that very note, let’s have a look at what the Week 7 Weekly Wildcards release has in store for the fans in Madden 23 Ultimate Team.

Madden 23: Weekly Wildcards Week 7 Players

Madden 23 Weekly Wildcards
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The Weekly Wildcards Program comes with four different player categories. Each of these categories represent a certain type of player. Here’s the different types:

  • Heavyweight – A player who possess immense strength and fortitude for their position
  • Rising Star – A promising young talent in the NFL that had a special 2022 season
  • Standout – A player who had a standout performance over the 2022 season
  • Veteran – A player who is a veteran to the game of football and the NFL

Every overall rating group of Weekly Wildcards consists of a total of four players, one from each category and all of which were active over the 2022 NFL regular season.

With that said, here’s all of the new players along with the LTD from the Weekly Wildcards Week 7 release in Madden 23:

Limited Edition (97 Overall)

  1. Adam Thielen (WR) – Vikings

Champions (97 Overall)

  1. Justin Pugh (LG) – Cardinals – Heavyweight
  2. Andy Dalton (QB) – Saints – Standout
  3. Trent McDuffie (CB) – Chiefs – Rising Star
  4. Latavius Murray (HB) – Broncos – Veteran

Heroes (94 Overall)

Madden 23 Weekly Wildcards
Courtesy of Madden 23 Ultimate Team & MUT.GG

  1. Mitch Morse (C) – Bills – Heavyweight
  2. Younghoe Koo (K) – Falcons – Standout
  3. Lawrence Cager (TE) – Giants – Rising Star
  4. Troy Hill (CB) – Rams – Veteran

High Elites (91 Overall)

  1. B.J. Hill (DT) – Bengals – Heavyweight
  2. Darren Hall (CB) – Falcons – Standout
  3. Terrace Marshall Jr. (WR) – Panthers – Rising Star
  4. Bryan Anger (P) – Saints – Veteran

Low Elites (88 Overall)

  1. Luke Fortner (C) – Jaguars – Heavyweight
  2. Greg Dulcich (TE) – Broncos – Standout
  3. Alex Wright (RE) – Browns – Rising Star
  4. Kenyan Drake (HB) – Ravens – Veteran

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Madden 23: Weekly Wildcard Challenges

Madden 23 Weekly Wildcards
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Accompanying the new Weekly Wildcards Program players, is that of a collection of challenges that offers fans the opportunity to unlock 87+ or 88+ Overall Account Bound (BND) Weekly Wildcards Fantasy Packs.

The seventh edition of challenges (Week 7) contains a total of 16 stars, a maximum of four from each Weekly Wildcard Week 7 Champion. Once you complete every challenge from each Champion for their max four stars, you will be able to unlock the Week 7 88+ Overall BND Weekly Wildcards Fantasy Pack.

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