Madden 23 Players Want Change And EA Might Finally Be Listening

Madden 23 Players Want Change And EA Might Finally Be Listening
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Last Thursday, the notable publication, Insider Gaming, dropped some major news regarding the Madden franchise and the status of its upcoming new title in 2023.

Per Insider Gaming, Madden is facing a ‘make it or break it’ year according to confidential sources they consulted with, as the franchise has struggled to keep major controversies and technical mishaps out of their latest installment, Madden 23. One of the foremost reasons for this major overhaul set to come in the next title, is tied to the storage data issue that plagued the game in late December, 2022.

During the final week of December, Madden 23 fans encountered something called a ‘storage data error’ when trying to log into not just Online Franchise, but also Connected Franchise Mode Leagues, and Face of the Franchise files as well. Most of these Madden 23 files were corrupted, and at least 60% of them were unrecoverable.

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This, along with a variety of other grievances, has led Electronic Arts (EA) and Madden back to the drawing board to produce a touchdown-of-a-game or face a potential plummet that could put the franchise in some serious jeopardy.

That all said, is this one major overreaction, and is Madden 23 really that bad? From a look at what went right to what went wrong, we touch up on the important questions and review this ground-breaking news with our very own analysis down below as Madden 24 looms up ahead this year.

Is It As Bad As They Say?

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First and foremost, the answer is no – Madden 23 is not nearly as bad as they say it is, and yes, this is being thrown out of proportion to an extent. The reason for saying this is first due to the fact that Madden 23 did deliver their all-new FieldSENSE feature for next-gen players, which was game-changing.

But in addition, Madden 23 has done a great job with Ultimate Team since the game launched. From releasing several unique and fun programs to the introduction of MUT Practice Mode, Madden 23 did a nice job with MUT along with a handful of other features and modes as well.

With that being said, Madden 23 is far from perfect. This reality was illustrated firsthand by Madden’s technical setback in late December, along with the fact that Face of the Franchise continues to fall well-below expectations. This outcry for change from the fans is certainly warranted. But to call it a ‘make-it-or-break-it’ year, is a bit far-fetched.

What Does Madden Need To Do?

The first thing EA Sports needs to square away, comes down to its technical errors and ability to keep glitchy, server setbacks at bay at all costs. This is a 101-rule for any sports video game, and Madden has to make that priority number one for their next edition.

Secondly, Madden has to show the same amount of dedication, commitment, and ambition that they allocate towards MUT and Franchise Mode, towards Face of the Franchise as well.

The neglect Face of the Franchise continues to receive has made it clunker-of-a-game-mode with no longevity and substance to it. Whether they take notes from FIFA or NBA 2K23 or The Show, EA has to do a better job with this mode and illustrate to fans that it received their full attention, passion, and creativity.

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Lastly, Madden has to do a better job offering more. Ultimate Team, Franchise Mode, Face of the Franchise, are all great modes. But is that really it? What about a 3v3 street-style mode, or a story mode that is highlighted with NFL stars? The lack of creativity and drive to deliver more has been noticeable, and that’s a big reason why fans are demanding for EA Sports to show up this year.

If Madden 24 can deliver an error-free experience that comes with a better menu of modes and an upgraded Face of the Franchise experience, it could be in great shape to become one of the best Madden games we’ve seen over these last two decades.

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