*LATEST* Madden 23: NFL Combine Program

*LATEST* Madden 23: NFL Combine Program
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This week marked the commencement of the 2023 NFL Combine, a time where young college rookies seek to prove their worth by completing various physical tests and football drills before they enter the NFL Draft. As you can imagine, Madden 23 felt it was only justified to honor this exciting occasion as we prepare to welcome the next new wave of talent to the league, and did so by producing an Ultimate Team player drop known as the NFL Combine Program.

The NFL Combine Program is pretty much what it sounds like, highlighting a handful of former and active NFL players that stood out as rookies during their respective NFL Combines. In addition to the former and current players, Madden 23 Ultimate Team (MUT) did include a few rookies that are participating in the 2023 NFL Combine into this new program as well.

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Madden 23 released the NFL Combine Program program in two parts. The part one reveal took place last Wednesday, March 1, on ‘Good Morning Madden’ at 10:30AM ET and went live on Thursday. While the second part was revealed yesterday afternoon (March 3) on MUT’s Twitter page, with its release taking place today, March 4.

With over 40 new NFL Combine Program players released, there’s a lot to be excited about. So without further ado, here’s a look at all the new Part 1 and Part 2 NFL Combine Program players that have been released.

Madden 23: NFL Combine Program

Madden 23 NFL Combine
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The NFL Combine Program is a special one, introducing a talented group of players that all contain a 90 overall ratings or higher. The new program comes with its own collection of NFL Combine Challenges (40 in total) that includes its very own rewards ladder.

Upon collecting 25 stars in this set of NFL Combine Challenges, you will receive a ‘NFL Combine Strat Pack’. Along with a few MUT Tip cards, these Strat Packs include NFL Combine strategy items. On each of these NFL Combine strategy items, fans will be able to see a combine objective pertaining to the 2023 NFL Combine that’s taking place. Should that combine milestone or record be met or broken, that strategy item will receive a boost.

So with that all in mind, let’s get down to the release and check out all the new NFL Combine Part 1 players that arrived in the game today.

Madden 23: NFL Combine – Leon Sandcastle

Madden 23 NFL Combine
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For those of you that might remember, Hall of Fame Legend Deion Sanders participated in a Super Bowl Commercial in 2014 to promote NFL Network’s coverage of the NFL Combine.

In short, the commercial’s plot is that no one remembers who Sanders is, despite his greatness. And in the commercial, Sanders is so shocked by this that he decides to disguise himself so he can participate in the NFL Combine and prove to everyone what a mistake they’ve made by forgetting about him.

The name that Sanders goes by in the commercial is that of Leon Sandcastle, who as a result of his phenomenal showing in the Combine, gets drafted first overall by the Kansas City Chiefs, surprising everyone. And because of his connection to the NFL Combine, Madden 23 felt it was only fair to include Sandcastle in this fun program in Ultimate Team.

Though Sandcastle was initially released in the Part 1 drop of the NFL Combine Program, just as a Free Safety (FS), MUT decided to grant him three extra offensive position cards in the Part 2 release as well (QB, HB, TE). In addition, Madden 23 allowed the fans to vote on one specific ability they added to each one of these offensive Sandcastle cards. All four of these Sandcastle items come with 97 overall ratings, making for some excellent additions to any lineup.

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NFL Combine Players – Part 2

Madden 23 NFL Combine
Copyright Madden 23 Ultimate Team

Limited Editions (97 Overall)

  1. Robert Griffin III (QB) – Commanders
  2. DeAngelo Hall (CB) – Falcons

Champions (97 Overall)

  1. Christian Watson (WR) – Packers
  2. Evan Engram (TE) – Giants
  3. Travon Walker (ROLB) – Jaguars
  4. Budda Baker (SS) – Cardinas

Heroes (95 Overall)

  1. Corey Linsley (C) – Chargers
  2. Charles Cross (LT) – Seahawks
  3. Wyatt Teller (RG) – Browns
  4. Harold Landry III (ROLB) – Titans

College Heroes (95 Overall)

Accompanying the NFL Combine Heroes, is that of the College Heroes, who consist of NFL Combine college prospects that are declaring for the 2023 NFL Draft.

Each of the College Heroes has all 32 NFL teams chemistries (since they haven’t been drafted yet), making them very valuable to have for any lineup or team you’re building.

Here’s the Part 2 list of College Heroes:

  1. Anthony Richardson (QB) – Florida
  2. Bijan Robinson (HB) – Texas
  3. Brian Bresee (DT) – Clemson
  4. Nolan Smith (LOLB) – Georgia

High Elites (93 Overall)

  1. Kiko Alonso (MLB) – Bills
  2. Michael Badgley (K) – Lions

Low Elites (90 Overall)

  1. Curtis Samuel (WR) – Commanders
  2. Odafe Oweh (LOLB) – Ravens
  3. Troy Apke (CB) – Commanders
  4. Pat O’Donnell (P) – Packers

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NFL Combine Players – Part 1

Copyright Madden 23 Ultimate Team & MUT.GG

Limited Editions (97 Overall)

  1. Chris Johnson (HB) – Titans
  2. Mario Williams (RE) – Texans

Champions (97 Overall)

  1. Julio Jones (WR) – Falcons
  2. Tristen Wirfs (RT) – Buccaneers
  3. Bruce Irvin (LOLB) – Seahawks
  4. Leon Sandcastle (FS) – Chiefs

Heroes (95 Overall)

  1. Mike Gesicki (TE) – Dolphins
  2. Netane Muti (LG) – Broncos
  3. Byron Jones (CB) – Cowboys
  4. Jabrill Peppers (FS) – Patriots

College Heroes (95 Overall)

  1. Bryce Young (QB) – Alabama
  2. Devon Achane (HB) – Texas A&M
  3. Trenton Simpson (MLB) – Clemson
  4. Cam Smith (CB) – South Carolina
  5. Joey Porter Jr. (CB) – Penn State – Unlocked at Tier 4 in NFL Combine Challenges

High Elites (93 Overall)

  1. Kene Nwangwu (HB) – Vikings
  2. Donovan Peoples-Jones (WR) – Browns
  3. Tyquan Thornton (WR) – Patriots
  4. Kalon Barnes (CB) – Vikings

Low Elites (90 Overall)

  1. Liam Eichenberg (LG) – Dolphins
  2. Tommy Togiai (DT) – Browns
  3. Jordan Willis (RE) – 49ers
  4. Darnell Savage (FS) – Packers

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