Madden 23: Ring Of Honor Program

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One of the greatest achievements you can receive upon finishing your career in the NFL, is being inducted into a franchise’s Ring of Honor. Recognizing former players and coaches that played for a specific franchise, the Ring of Honor is a distinguished accomplishment for anyone that makes it, and Madden 23 wanted to celebrate its historic meaning with its very own inaugural program drop in Ultimate Team.

Considering Rings of Honor recognize the best of the best from each team, Madden 23 felt it was only right to do the same with some of the best stars that ever laid foot on an NFL gridiron before. Madden 23 revealed its Ring Of Honor Program Trailer this past Tuesday, March 21, on Good Morning Madden and on its Twitter page at 11AM ET / 3PM GMT, highlighting a few of the greatest legends the sport has ever seen.

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Though the official reveal took place yesterday on Good Morning Madden, the in-game release went live today at 12:18PM ET / 4:18PM GMT. With a total of 30 new player items to be had from the Ring Of Honor Program (5 of which come with 99 overall ratings), fans are certainly eager to see who was included in this special drop from Madden 23. And should you be one of those very fans, you’ve come to the right place.

With that spike of the ball, let’s get right to it and check out all of the new Ring Of Honor Players you can now secure in Madden 23 Ultimate Team.

Madden 23 – Ring Of Honor Program Details

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The inaugural Ring Of Honor Program in Madden 23 Ultimate Team is filled with plenty to do. With so many awesome players revealed, the main goal is to acquire them as soon as possible, and there’s several ways to do so. In the process, it’s also important to accumulate invaluable XP to progress through the Season 4 Field Pass, and the Ring Of Honor Program provides ways to accomplish just that.

The new Ring Of Honor Program comes with 25 challenges, which will allow you to unlock a 96 Overall Ring Of Honor Fantasy Pack when completing the first 20 challenges (100 stars). In addition, several new Ring Of Honor objectives have arrived with the program as well, each containing Season 4 XP rewards.

But how do you get the players, you might be wondering? Not to fret! We cover all you need to know about the Ring Of Honor Players down below.

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Madden 23 – Ring Of Honor Program Players

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The Madden 23 Ring Of Honor Program is led by five special Inductees, all of which come with 99 overall ratings. As we saw in the trailer, these Ring Of Honor Inductees include Barry Sanders, Randy Moss, Tony Gonzalez, Lawrence Taylor, and Deion Sanders.

Each of these inductees has a set of five Ring Of Honor Supporting Cast members that played significant roles with the success they were able to achieve on the gridiron. These supporting cast members have overall ratings that range from 91 to 98, all of which played on the same team(s) that the inductee was on.

To secure the players themselves, fans will need complete their respective sets that they come with. For the 99 overall rated Ring Of Honor Inductees, fans will have to exchange two 98 overall Ring Of Honor Supporting Cast members, which they can then get back once they complete the set.

So on that very note, let’s check out all the new players from the Ring Of Honor Program set to go live tomorrow:

Barry Sanders (HB) – Lions – 99 Overall

  1. Herman Moore (WR) – Lions – 98 Overall
  2. Kevin Glover (C) – Lions – 98 Overall
  3. Robert Porcher (LE) – Lions – 96 Overall
  4. Stephen Boyd (MLB) – Lions – 94 Overall
  5. Larry Tharp (RT) – Lions – 91 Overall

Randy Moss (WR) – Vikings – 99 Overall

  1. Randall Cunningham (QB) – Vikings – 98 Overall
  2. Asante Samuel (CB) – Patriots – 98 Overall
  3. Vince Wilfork (DT) – Patriots – 96 Overall
  4. Thaddeus Moss (TE) – Vikings – 94 Overall
  5. Gary Anderson (K) – Vikings – 91 Overall

Tony Gonzalez (TE) – Chiefs – 99 Overall

  1. Priest Holmes (HB) – Chiefs – 98 Overall
  2. Will Shields (RG) – Chiefs – 98 Overall
  3. Dante Hall (WR) – Chiefs – 96 Overall
  4. Willie Roaf (LT) – Chiefs – 94 Overall
  5. Trent Green (QB) – Chiefs – 91 Overall

Lawrence Taylor (ROLB) – Giants – 99 Overall

  1. Carl Banks (LOLB) – Giants – 98 Overall
  2. Perry Williams (CB) – Giants – 98 Overall
  3. Terry Kinard (FS) – Giants – 96 Overall
  4. Mark Bavaro (TE) – Giants – 94 Overall
  5. Joe Morris (HB) – Giants – 91 Overall

Deion Sanders (CB) – Cowboys – 99 Overall

  1. Jerry Rice (WR) – 49ers – 98 Overall
  2. Darren Woodson (SS) – Cowboys – 98 Overall
  3. Ricky Jackson (RE) – 49ers – 96 Overall
  4. Chris Hinton (RT) – Falcons – 94 Overall
  5. Merton Hanks (FS) – 49ers – 91 Overall

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