Madden 23: Black History Month Program

Madden 23: Black History Month Program
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Every year from February 1st to March 1st, the U.S. celebrates Black History Month. This time period of observance continues to be integral when understanding not only all the adversity black lives had to endure to achieve freedom and rights in the U.S. But it’s also about recognizing how deep black lives and labor played into the history and development of the U.S., including the National Football League.

Because of how important and influential black lives have been and continue to be within the NFL and outside of it, Madden 23 felt it was only just to celebrate current and former black players who transcended to extraordinary heights both on and off the field.

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The Madden 23 Black History Program reveal took place today at 10:30AM ET on the ‘Good Morning Madden’ Twitch stream and went live in-game shortly after. This program is quite smaller in comparison to others, only coming with five Black History Month players. That said, each of these stars would do wonders for your lineups and are certainly worth the consideration.

So on that very note, let’s have a look at all the new players Madden 23 revealed from its Black History Month Program.

Madden 23: Black History Month Players

Madden 23 Black History Month
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Black History Month Players (94 Overall)

  1. Warrick Dunn (HB) – Falcons
  2. Cameron Jordan (LE) – Saints

Black History Month Players (93 Overall)

  1. Anquan Boldin (WR) – Cardinals
  2. William Gholston (RE) – Buccaneers
  3. Shaquille Leonard (LOLB) – Colts

Madden 23: Black History Month Challenges

To go along with the new players that were released, Madden 23 also added a total of 18 Black History Month challenges. Each of the five Black History Month players, comes with a set of challenges, with Dunn having six to complete while the remaining four players have just three each.

For every Black History Month challenge you complete, you will have a max three stars you can earn. Once you complete all three challenges with the max amount of stars for each player, you will receive an 88 Overall Account Bound (BND) version of that Black History Month player.

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There will be a total of five milestone tiers, granting fans the chance to secure MUT coin and awesome Black History Month themed uniforms.

If you want to secure the 93 and 94 overall versions of any of the Black History Month players, you will need to first secure their 88 overall versions and then complete their challenge objectives with those 88 overall players in your lineup. The Black History Month objectives can be found under the ‘Missions Menu’ in Madden 23 Ultimate Team.

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