Is Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Coop?

Is Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Coop?
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Is Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom coop? TotK is one of the year’s biggest releases following the success of the opening installment. While we know that TotK is principally a single player affair, jumping in with a pal is certainly an appealing proposition and though BotW didn’t cater to this, can we expect this to change in TotK?

One of the latest inquiries that has recently started to gain traction is whether Tears of the Kingdom has any co-op functionality. If you’re curious about this feature’s inclusion in a famously single player-centric franchise, then here’s all that we know. For more on TotK, read up on Is Tears of the Kingdom a sequel? and Is there Tears of the Kingdom new game plus?

Does Tears of the Kingdom have co-op?

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom will not have co-op enabled, much like most of the previous titles released. Although Nintendo Switch Online functionality has been included, this is most likely just for cloud saves and DLC as opposed to multiplayer and co-op features.

While Breath of the Wild was a single-player game, there was always speculation of multiplayer modes. And, while a multiplayer mod was eventually released allowing collaborative play, it doesn’t seem like Tears of the Kingdom mods will receive the same treatment. Realistically, the gameplay enjoyed by all Zelda fans doesn’t really lend itself to any multiplayer co-op possibliities. Would a Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom multiplayer even be any fun to play?

In fact, before the release ffans of Nintendo’s ever-popular franchise have been speculating that a mechanic similar to Wind Waker HD’s Tingle Bottles might have been included in TotK. However, since the release of the game, we effectively had confirmation that these were just rumours, and that the gameplay mechanics to the game would be solo.

The inclusion of this feature would have allowed players to send messages to other random users much like the messaging system integrated in FromSoftware titles, though it has since been put to rest.

With the release date now having passed, we no longer have to wait to find out if there is any co-op multiplayer in the direct sequel to Breath of the Wild. There isn’t. However, check out our Tears of the Kingdom FuseTears of the Kingdom dungeons, and Tears of the Kingdom blood moon explainer guides to get your Princess Zelda fix.