Apex Legends Halloween event rewards and skins

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There are plenty of Apex Legends Halloween rewards to collect before this year’s event, Doppelganger, is over. But what exactly is on offer for dedicated players to collect?

With the Apex Legends Doppelganger collection event in full swing, let’s take a closer look at what Apex Legends Halloween rewards are up for grabs. Here, we’ll break down all the skins and cosmetics you can get your hands on, and explain a little bit more about how to earn them before Apex Legends Season 18 comes to a close.

Apex Legends all Doppelganger Halloween event skins and rewards

Here’s a full breakdown of all the Halloween rewards you can earn from this year’s seasonal event in Apex Legends. In total, there are 24 cosmetic rewards to collect, alongside the ultimate reward, Revenant’s Prestige skin. Half of these are Epic grade, and half are Legendary.

Cosmetic NameCosmetic TypeCosmetic ForGrade
Need A HandFrame MirageEpic
Corrupted ConscienceFrameNewcastleEpic
Sinister SalvageFramePathfinderEpic
Shock & ArcFrameWraithEpic
Ultra ViolentLegend SkinAshEpic
Enhanced MenaceLegend SkinFuseEpic
Ultra SonicLegend SkinValkyrieEpic
Augmented AimWeapon SkinProwlerEpic
Death SparkWeapon SkinVoltEpic
The RedactorWeapon SkinWingmanEpic
Cruel MedecineLegend SkinLifelineLegendary
Bad JokeLegend SkinMirageLegendary
Wrong PathLegend SkinPathfinderLegendary
AntiheroLegend SkinNewcastleLegendary
Voided Warranty Legend SkinWraithLegendary
Advanced TrackingLegend SkinVantageLegendary
Advanced PrecisionWeapon SkinG7 ScoutLegendary
PunchlineWeapon SkinDevotionLegendary
PathblazerWeapon SkinSpitfireLegendary
RedlineWeapon SkinHemlockLegendary
Energized AnvilWeapon SkinMastiffLegendary
Outreacher 04Weapon SkinSentinelLegendary
Apex Legends Halloween event rewards and skins: The new Redline skin for the Hemlock.

How to get Halloween event skins in Apex Legends

You can earn these rewards a few different ways. One is to earn Doppelganger event packs. You can do this by earning points and completing challenges during the event. You can also buy the packs outright for Crafting Materials or Apex Coins if you don’t want to wait. If you want a breakdown of the Halloween event costs so you can skip the grind, we’ve got you covered.

Apex Legends Halloween event rewards and skins: The New Ultra Violent skin for Ash.

Apex Legends Revenant prestige skin

The final reward for the event is Revenant’s new prestige skin, Apex Horror. You can unlock this through purchase, but you can also unlock it for free by picking up all 24 event cosmetics.

Did you know?

Prestige skins can also be bought for Mythic Shards through the in-game store after their introductory event ends.

The skin itself then has three different tiers. For each tier, you’ll need to get kills, deal damage, and complete specific challenges to unlock the one above. This will gradually build upon the Tier 1 design to the full resplendence of the Tier 3 outfit.

That covers the Apex Legends Halloween rewards, what you can pick up, and how to get them. Be sure to play as much as you can to earn these limited-time skins. If you’re struggling to win matches or complete objectives, why not check out our rankings for the best Apex Legends weapons or best Legends in Apex for a boost?

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