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Ben Borthwick by on Nov 5, 2021

Horror studio Bloober Team and Rogue Games working on “badass next-gen game”

Layers of Fear developer Bloober Team has announced it’s teaming up with Rogue Games on a new “next-generation” console and PC game.

Currently, it’s early days for details, with the project yet to be given a name or even genre. We strongly suspect a horror slant, given Bloober’s history with Layers of Fear, The Medium and Blair Witch to name a few. Rogue Games are perhaps the lesser known team, but they’re currently working on Neon Beasts. The announcement also notes they’re led by industry vets from Activision, Sony, EA and more.

Bloober Team’s CEO Piotr Babieno offered up his comments on the announcement. “We couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with Rogue on this incredible project. We pride ourselves on making games that push the boundaries of originality and immersion, and we’re delighted to be working alongside a company that shares our vision.”

Meanwhile Matt Casamassina, CEO of Rogue, gives a statement of his own. “We’ve admired Bloober’s dark and gorgeous games for years, so we knew right away they were the only team to do this crazy cool concept justice. Today’s not the day—unforgettable, original, kickass games take time and care to make—but we can’t wait to fully announce details on this project at a later date.”

That’s about all we have on the Bloober Team and Rogue Games project at this early stage. We’ve no idea when it’ll arrive, but we expect more on the mystery game in the future.


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