Hogwarts Legacy may release in early December

Hogwarts Legacy may release in early December
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Hogwarts Legacy, the upcoming wizarding adventure, doesn’t have an official release date, but it could be out in early December.

There is an art book for the game: The Art and Making of Hogwarts Legacy: Exploring the Unwritten Wizarding World. Within its pages lies a clue to the game’s release date.

Customers who have pre-ordered this book have received e-mails from Amazon, informing them that its original release date, December 31st, is now December 6th. This has caught the attention of Potterites on Reddit (via VGC). They have inferred that this move forward could indicate the release of the game.

It is, I suppose, a logical leap—why not release your art book close to when your game comes out? Someone else on Reddit pointed out the art book for Gotham Knights, another Warner Bros. Interactive game, is due out on the same day as the game.

Who knows? We shall have to wait and find out. A magic-imbued early December seems plausible. In other recent Hogwarts Legacy news, we recently got a look at the game’s DualSense features. The game was rumoured to be delayed, back in January this year. But then it got its own State of Play, and the publisher indicated that it has a “Holiday 2022” release window. So there you go.