Gotham Knights’ latest character trailer showcases Batgirl

Gotham Knights’ latest character trailer showcases Batgirl
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Warner Bros has dropped a new character trailer for Gotham Knights, this time focusing on Batgirl.

Expert hacker-turned fighter Barbra Gordon is the woman behind the cowl, bringing both fists and smarts to the streets of Gotham. Her signature weapon is the Tonfa, and she’s an expert in kickboxing, capoeira and jiu-jitsu. We get to see this in action during the trailer, and she’ll be one of four heroes players will be able to choose from in the upcoming action RPG.

The trailer was first debuted at the San Diego Comic Con last night, which the development team also attended to present a short panel on the game. Creative Director Patrick Redding took fan questions, and confirmed a couple of extra titbits as per IGN. We already knew the story kicks off with Batman’s death – and it seems he’ll remain so even through the end of the game, ruling out a Bat-Ex Machinima plot twist. In addition, while The Joker won’t be a part of the game, Redding would “not confirm or deny whether Harley is” – implying the fan favourite character could make a cameo.

The trailer follows similar character focused trailers for Robin and Nightwing. That just leaves Red Hood then, so expect his trailer in the next few weeks. For now,  you can check out the Batgirl trailer for Gotham Knights for yourself down below. The game arrives on October 25 for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC.