Hogwarts Legacy gets Holiday 2022 release window and new gameplay footage

Hogwarts Legacy gets Holiday 2022 release window and new gameplay footage
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A new State of Play has given us more insight into what we can expect from Hogwarts Legacy, as well as a release window of Holiday 2022.

As previously promised, the broadcast gave us around 15 minutes of new gameplay from the Wizarding World RPG. You’ll create your character, who starts at the famous wizarding school a little later than your peers. As you’ll start in the fifth year, you’ll have to do some extra catching up to master your new-found magical abilities.

On arrival, you’ll be sorted into one of the four magical houses by the Sorting Hat. You’ll be able to explore the school grounds and meet fellow students in the common rooms. You’ll also have to attend lessons like Charms, Potion Class and more. Along the way, you’ll learn new spells and also attend some extra curricular activities.

Apart from school life, however, there’s also a mystery at the heart of the game’s story. Teaming up with the enigmatic Professor Figg, you’ll be looking to uncover the truth behind a rumoured goblin rebellion. The rebellion is led by Ranrok, who’s made an alliance with the Dark wizard Victor Rookwood and both seem to have access to an ancient magical power.

You won’t be alone in your mission, however. Given the 100 year earlier setting than the movies, a new cast of characters is being introduced for the game. There’ll also be some more familiar names though, including Nearly Headless Nick and the PlayStation Blog even hints at the presence of “a Weasley or two”.

The presentation closed by informing us that Hogwarts Legacy is currently aiming for a Holiday 2022 release window. The game launches on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.