Hogwarts Legacy showcases PlayStation 5 features in new trailer and blog

Hogwarts Legacy showcases PlayStation 5 features in new trailer and blog
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Warner Bros Avalanche has released a video to showcase the PlayStation 5 features for upcoming Wizarding World RPG Hogwarts Legacy.

An accompanying PlayStation Blog post describes how the game will utilise the console’s DualSense features. The developers intend the controller’s Adaptive Triggers & Haptic Feedback will really help to immerse players in the magical world. For example, players will feel the resistance in their controller as they cast, with more feedback for more powerful spells.

As a nice touch, these effects will be localised to the right side of the controller. The idea is that this will be the same as your wand casting hand in the game. You’ll also feel spells deflected and absorbed by the Shield Charm when you’re on the defending side of a duel. Spellcasting won’t be the only place you feel these effects either,  with feedback for example both in lessons and adventuring in the wider world. Naturally, the controller’s light will also reflect the house you pick with matching colour schemes for each.

Away from the controller, the game will feature both Fidelity and Performance graphics modes on the next generation consoles. The game will also support the PlayStation 5’s Tempest 3D Audio engine, to pump out sounds all around you when using the Pulse headphones. Even if you don’t, you’ll also get the benefit of some sounds coming through the DualSense’s speakers.

You can check all of this out in the trailer below. Hogwarts Legacy is expected to arrive in Holiday 2022 on PlayStation 5. The game will also be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.