Helldivers 2 to get a drivable vehicle in a future update

Helldivers 2 to get a drivable vehicle in a future update
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Helldivers 2 is continuously being updated and improved every week, with new Major Orders to take part in, as well as new planets to explore, weapons, Stratagems, Ship Modules to unlock, and much more. Despite being only two months old, Helldivers 2 has changed a lot since it was first released in February 2024. To continue this progression, Arrowhead Game Studios is set to release the first drivable vehicle to the game, the Colony Rover.

The Colony Vehicle was leaked on Reddit by U/IronS1ghts, which will be the first drivable vehicle in Helldivers 2. This will be the first drivable vehicle in the game, excluding the Exosuit Mech but that is more of a weapon.

A futuristic armored vehicle, rumored to be from Helldivers 2, with large wheels parked on a gridded surface under dim lighting.
Image via IronS1ghts on Reddit

Not much is known about the Colony Rover yet, but it will be a welcomed addition to Helldivers 2, providing players with a method to traverse the map quickly and being used as a quick getaway. The Colony Rover looks like it will have the ability to carry all four team members, likely with one driving and three sitting on top of it, while also allowing them to shoot at the enemies.

This could come in handy to get to an objective faster, especially when carrying the SSSD drive across the map as the player carrying it can only use their support weapon. It will also be useful when looking for Samples across the map, which will make it easier for players to unlock Ship Modules.

Along with the new Colony Rover coming to the game, there are also many weapons, armor, and stratagems to use in your fight against the Automatons and Terminids. As it can be complicated to figure out the best combination, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide to ensure we are victorious in our fight to save Super Earth.