Helldivers 2 solution is coming to help players kicked by troll lobby leaders

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The Helldivers 2 community is mostly comprised of good soldiers. Thanks to the fact the game is PvE, mostly everyone is respectful and a good brother in arms. However, sometimes you and your brethren are ultimately let down by a good-for-nothing leader wanting all of the glory for themselves. This has been a pain since day one, but, thankfully, a solution is coming to help Helldivers 2 players unfairly kicked by troll lobby leaders.

Updates for Helldivers 2 have slowed down, but Arrowhead has teased the “next big patch” set to come out. While fans may be disappointed by the pace of patches slowing down, there is still plenty to anticipate for the future. Fans are hoping that the dwindling player count will speed up the arrival of the Illuminate alien race, meanwhile, Arrowhead has told fans they are “looking into” adding more emotes accompanied by a feature fans have wanted since day one.

While players are eager for new content, many in the community also want smart gameplay additions to improve the overall experience. One of the game’s most notable banes since day one has been players getting unceremoniously kicked by lobby leaders at the conclusion of missions. Fortunately, Arrowhead is aware of the issue, and a solution is coming.

Helldivers 2 solution is coming for a-hole lobby leaders

On the official Helldivers Discord, the community regularly communicates with Arrowhead personnel to share ideas for the game along with issues that need fixing. Community manager, Twinbeard, was recently asked, “Can we get to keep 50% of the samples collected if we get kicked by an a***hole lobby leader when the dropship has been called?”.

To this, Twinbeard responded, “We’re actually working on a solution to mitigate problems with, well, “getting kicked by an a***hole lobby leader” as someone once eloquently put it. No ETA on that, but it’s coming.”

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This is good news for players. It’s unfortunate that we don’t know when the solution will arrive, and if it will even come in the next patch, but the fact a solution is in the works should make fans happy.

Since day one users have complained about being kicked by a lobby leader upon finishing a mission. A lot of the times players are unjustly kicked simply because the lobby leader has all the control and is simply not nice.

There are several Reddit threads ranting about lobby leaders kicking people as missions finish. Many users suggest that the simple fix is for kicked players to keep all of their samples, but the issue stems from whether a player was kicked unjustly by a troll or whether the lobby leader kicked a troll from their game.

One Reddit thread shared a potential solution to solve the dilemma of getting kicked. The proposal is that kicked players should keep 50% of samples because in Deep Rock Galactic kicked players keep 25%. The proposal also argues Arrowhead should implement a reputation system where players get matched based on their behaviour so trolls would be punished with fellow trolls.

We don’t know what Arrowhead has in mind, but hopefully the solution will be fair for everyone. Trolls deserve to get kicked from parties, but players unjustly kicked don’t deserve to leave empty handed simply because the lobby leader was a troll.

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