Helldivers 2 players want to see this change to the Premium Warbond Armor sets

Helldivers 2 players want to see this change to the Premium Warbond Armor sets
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The latest Helldivers 2 Premium Warbond titled Democratic Detonation is now available and its theme is fire and explosives, with weapons such as the Grenade Pistol being included. Because of this, many players hoped to see the included armor feature fire resistance, especially after the recent buff which makes being set on fire an instant death. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case and it has left the community confused.

U/ElgatoPadre took to Reddit to discuss the lack of fire resistance in the new armor sets from the Democratic Detonation Premium Warbond saying “The theme of this Warbond was explosives and fire. You’d think the armor sets would carry a fire resistance passive. Instead, we just get the same passives we already had (and some of the least useful at that). Each pass should be L+M+H, all with the same on-theme passive.”

Helldivers 2 best items for Democratic Detonations: Players wearing new armor and using the latest weapons from the Warbond. Image captured by VideoGamer.
The new Warbond comes bearing gifts. Image captured by VideoGamer.

This comes on the heels of fire damage being buffed to the point it is an instant death from any source, from enemies using flamethrowers to the engines on the evacuation ship. Because of this, a fire resistance perk is more important than ever. “They just upped fire damage from all sources, which means we also die faster from fire. All logic points to we’d get some tools to counter getting melted by fire.”

In a post on Steam to announce the release of the Premium Warbond, Arrowhead Game Studios referenced fire as being the theme for the Warbond, which makes it more unusual that they chose to ignore it when it came to the armor perks. The post said, “So let loose and make the biggest bang since the dawn of time to blow up the bugs, melt the machines, and ignite the raging fires of liberty!”

When describing the Light Armor it mentions its ability to withstand heat, which is incorrect as fire damage still eliminates you as quickly as using any other armor “CE-07 Demolition Specialist Light Armour. Originally worn by Lunar terraformers, this suit can withstand rapid changes in pressure, heat, and personal velocity.”

Other Reddit users also shared their thoughts with U/Eldenis saying “With all the buffs to fire dmg, I was actually sure they would drop some fire resistance somewhere in this warbond.”

u/PrimoRaizel noted that previous Warbonds also had a theme and the included armor had perks relating to it saying “What’s weird is that the first and second Premium Warbonds all had a theme for each of the three armor sets. First Warbond had servo-assisted and second had the insulated one. Third Warbond has all 3 different bonuses for some reason.”

Unfortunately, it’s not just enemies that players need to be aware of, as you can also eliminate yourself with your own fire weapons, something I discovered after first unlocking the Flamethrower and using it on a Terminid mission. u/c3rvwlyu also discovered this saying “I was praying for fire resistance, I keep getting killed by my flame thrower and guard dog.”

While Armor sets seem to be reusing the same few perks and stats, which gives players little reason to switch apart for cosmetic reasons, that might not always be the case. Arrowhead Game Studios recently added a new defense mission type with the return of the Automatons, so the developers are actively working on bringing new content to the game. It is possible that we will see Helldivers 2 get new armor perks over time. To make sure you have the ideal loadout, including Armor stats and perks, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guides so you can create the ideal Helldivers for your play style to ensure the Automatons and Terminids are liberated in the name of freedom and democracy.