Helldivers 2 players are overjoyed that this mission modifier is gone

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The recent Helldivers 2 01.000.400 update brought over 100 changes to the game, with many being praised by the community. But, one may not be praised as much as removing the most disliked modifier in the game. When it comes to completing higher-difficulty missions, this change along with the reverted patrol spawns should make it a lot easier and manageable.

Helldivers 2 best stratagem tier list: A player aims the Railgun at an enemy. Image captured by VideoGamer.
Image captured by VideoGamer.

U/SenseMaster5894 took to Reddit to praise a change in the 01.000.400 which has removed the much hated “Stratagem slots reduced by 1” modifier that would sometimes be active on higher difficulties. As the description states, this modifier only allowed you to bring three Stratagems with you instead of the usual four, which can really make missions much harder.

Many players took to the comments to praise Arrowhead Game Studios’ decision to remove the modifier, with u/Syluri saying “By far, the best change in the patch notes.”

Some players don’t want Arrowhead Game Studios to stop with just removing this modifier, with U/Esthelion2 wanting the Orbital Scatter Modifier removed too saying “Can’t even play with the newly buffed orbitals, because this is active in almost every map.”

Although many players will be happy about this change, it does mean that other modifiers will be more common now, which could lead to others becoming disliked too. But, Arrowhead Game Studios could look at adding new ones to the game to bring some more variety. With there being so many changes in the 01.000.400 update it can be difficult to figure out what loadout you should carry, to help you figure it out we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide to ensure victory against the Automatons and Terminids.

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