Helldivers 2 player call this new weapon “absolutely garbage”

Helldivers 2 player call this new weapon “absolutely garbage”
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The new Helldivers 2 Premium Warbond titled Democratic Detonation is here, adding new weapons, armor, and cosmetics to the game. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been a hit with players with the armor lacking fire resistance and the community not taking to the new weapons, with players calling one “absolutely garbage.”

U/Skyswimsky took to Reddit to discuss the newly released R-36 Eruptor Rifle calling it the “worst weapon released in a Warbond saying “The gun sucks. It’s so bad. But not bad enough that it needs any buffs. So please don’t look at it and make any changes to it. Worst weapon released in a Warbond.”

The R-36 Eruptor in the acquisitions menu. Image captured by VideoGamer.
The R-36 Eruptor can deal AoE damage. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Other Helldivers shared their thoughts, with u/rollofdoom opting to use the Stalwart stratagem instead as a primary weapon saying “It’s so terrible when paired with Stalwart and EATs, unplayable weapon and loadout,” with u/Silphaen replying “Stalwart: Look at me, I’m the primary now.”

U/HermionesWetPanties gave a good explanation of one of the main flaws that prevent it from being viable saying “The Eruptor has a small but significant problem. Whenever you shoot your final round, you watch as your character cycles the cartridge out of the chamber and closes the bolt. This is pointless. When you load a new mag, you have to open the bolt anyway and close it again to get a new round in the chamber. So there is time being wasted here. Either leave the brass in the chamber until you reload or leave the bolt open until you reload the magazine. A real Helldiver would never waste time on such a superfluous action as cycling the action for no real benefit.”

Some players are more optimistic and excited about the new weapons coming to Helldivers 2, with u/jak_d_ripr saying “I love the fact that this gun and the grenade pistol exist because they open up interesting new build ideas.”

Although some weapons are “absolutely garbage” there are plenty of weapons, armor, and stratagems that are great to use and very viable in the current meta. Especially with the Automatons returning it is more important than ever to bring the best tools for the job. To ensure you’re doing that, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you can be a crucial part of your squad in the fight for democracy.