GTA 6 fans would love to see these odd jobs as side activities in new Grand Theft Auto

GTA 6 fans would love to see these odd jobs as side activities in new Grand Theft Auto
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The next chapter in the Grand Theft Auto series is still years away, but development is confirmed and fans are understandably very excited. Followers of Rockstar Games have plenty of dreams and desires for the next GTA, and fans have been particularly sharing what jobs and side activities they would love to see in GTA 6.

Rockstar Games has confirmed GTA 6 is in development, but they and Take-Two Interactive have largely been silent about the game’s existence. A popular theory has fans convinced a trailer reveal is coming before the end of October, yet Rockstar hasn’t officially teased anything. We have previously seen leaked gameplay thanks to a hack that was unfortunate for both developers and gamers, but since then everything has largely been silent.

Still, despite the silence from Rockstar and Take-Two, fans are talking about GTA 6 every day. Fans crave an overhauled police AI similar to Red Dead Redemption 2, and they would also love to see more odd jobs and side activities.

Jobs and side activities Grand Theft Auto fans want in GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto fans have been sharing some odd jobs and side activities they would like in GTA 6. The Reddit thread begins with the original poster, it-rene, saying they would like delivery jobs similar to Uber and DoorDash. Their desire for a DoorDash mini-game stems from one of the Yakuza installments. In addition, this Grand Theft Auto follower would also like to see a hunting mini-game more similar to what’s available in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Many users responded with their own ideas. One commenter said they ‘would love to see something like UPS and porch pirates‘. This commenter also wants to see NPCs acting as vloggers and TikTokkers in public mainly so they can be beaten up. Another user had the ingenious idea of a bus driver job. This user claims it would be fun picking up passengers while encountering ‘random scenarios like someone running for the bus and fights on the bus’.

Other side activity ideas include pizza boy missions, taxi driver, and vigilante quests. A repeated idea from The Ballad of Gay Tony is nightclub bouncer. Of course, some fans would like jobs where they work in the strip club as either bartender or security. These are just a few of the suggestions from the Reddit thread, and it’s clear that fans were disappointed by the lack of odd jobs in GTA 5. Hopefully, GTA 6 makes up where the last installment underdelivered.

In other GTA 6 news, Take-Two Interactive has said that it ‘needs to be something you’ve never seen before‘. There’s still no concrete release date or even window for when the episode will come out, yet there are signs that point to 2025 as the earliest. Fingers crossed a trailer reveal happens this month, but we wouldn’t advise holding your breath.