Apollo Justice Ace Attorney trilogy gets modern multi-platform port as fans rejoice

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One of the main highlights of Capcom’s June 2023 Showcase wasn’t its Exoprimal or Dragon’s Dogma 2 segments, but the announcement of the Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney trilogy modern port. According to the preview given during the event, the collection will be playable on several different consoles including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and the Nintendo Switch.

Unfortunately, a specific release date hasn’t been revealed yet as the developers have only provided a vague launch window of early 2024. However, we will most likely be provided with more information soon as the end of the year is approaching. With this in mind, Capcom will more than likely be ramping up their marketing efforts in the near future to make more people aware of this new collection.

But aside from its platform availability and the temporary launch window, the Capcom Showcase trailer also gave us a look at the improvements that have been made to the trilogy. Most of the changes made were predictably focused on the game’s visual elements as the original titles were previously released in 2008. The graphics are much more appealing this time around and fit right in with the design of most handheld entries nowadays.

It’s currently unclear what some of the other updates are, but it’s safe to say that the developers also made a few QoL changes that should make the game playable for years to come. Hardcore fans of the dramatic courtroom-based series have even started celebrating already as many have been asking for a remake of these installments for a long time now.

Since there aren’t any additional details to chew on, however, we recommend checking out the trailer for now to hold you over until more details are revealed. You can also take a look at some of the show’s other highlights, such as the announcement of an Exoprimal second Open Beta period and the Dragon’s Dogma 2 gameplay reveal.

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